Almost every website you visit, blog that you read, or even application that you use on your Iphone, has a target audience. The people behind these websites use special writing techniques and layouts in order to appeal to their audiences. Two concepts that embody these ideas are rhetorical awareness and user-censored design. Rhetorical awareness is mostly for persuasive workplace writing for things such as resumé’s or an article. User-censored design can be analyzed in almost any piece of writing. It includes things such as the piece’s expectations, characteristics and goals.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 9.34.13 PMOne of my favorite blogs that I visit quite frequently is a site called “Betches.” Essentially, this website addresses “the thoughts that run through [young female’s] heads, but are too afraid or uncomfortable to say out loud.” It sounds harsh, but I really enjoy it because it is entertaining to read, plus, it is almost guaranteed to give me a good laugh every time I go on the site. Due to this site’s successful use of rhetorical awareness and user-censored design, it has gone from a simple website that started in a college dorm room to a brand that has produced a best selling book. If you want a good laugh, be sure to check out their Instagram that has 4.2 million followers, including Madonna! (I promise I am not a brand ambassador for this site).

As far as rhetorical awareness goes, it is pretty easy to see who the audience is that would likely read this website. In the “about” section of the website, the website explicitly states that it is for “young females.” After all, the site is called “Betches” which is slightly less offensive name to refer to a female which I’m sure we all gathered by this point. On top of that, the writers for this site use a certain language that appeals directly to the audience. For example, an article title about clothes is, “Cute Clothes On Sale This Week That you Def Don’t Need.” The opening line for this article is, “It’s the middle of summer and we’re all f***ing sick of that summer dress you wear ever d***n weekend.” This shows what kind of language is used to specifically target young females by using abbreviations and swearing to keep it funny and casual.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 9.16.33 AMThe purpose of this site is for readers to be able to go to betches.com and have a light-hearted funny read on an assortment of lifestyle topics (my personal favorite being the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” recaps). The original purpose of this website was something called “The Betch List.” This is a list of things/topics that all “betches” can relate to such as, #252, “Spirit Animals” and #225, “Pretending to have dietary restrictions.” It has now evolved into a lifestyle site addressing from celebrity news to health and wellness. By using these relatable topics that young females refer to and use in every day conversation makes this a successful and creative source of information and news.

User-censored design always keeps the audiences needs and expectations into consideration. As far as document design, Betches keeps things simple as far as the design of their website. There are tabs at the top that will direct the reader to various parts of the site. Some of these tabs include, “Celebs and Scandal,” “Your Problems, Our Advice,” and “Fashion and Beauty.” You can also choose to see what articles have been trending or have been posted most recently.

The articles are short and to the point which also goes along with sentence design. The articles remind me a lot of what one would find when looking at a blog. The paragraphs are often times separated by pictures or “memes.” Along with that, the way the articles are written are in a casual conversational type way which makes it easy to read quickly. They do a really good job of creatively delivering information through abbreviations and “every day lingo”.







6 thoughts on ““Betches”

  1. Jessie,

    I had never heard of Betches before your post but immediately after I read it I went to the Betches website. It struck me how similarly it was setup to Buzzfeed but with a much more appealing layout and color scheme. I love how the comments section is called “talk sh**.”

    Thanks for introducing me to a new website!

  2. Hey Jess,
    I laughed when I saw your post because this is exactly the website that I thought of when I read the prompt first! I love this website, it gives you some light, funny, “betchy” reads that always entertain me. They also have an app that is an even easier, more simple layout than the website. Sadly, now they are making some articles “member only” and you have to pay for them!


  3. JESS.
    Everyone can blame you for their grades being 20 minutes later because I totally just spent that exact amount of time laughing my butt off on the Betches website. The Bachelorette recap just got emailed to the inner circle so we can all cackle about how bad Monday’s episode was and feel smug about the fact that the Betches agree with us. Thank you for the laugh (and y’all who feel slighted that I spent 20 minutes reading this instead of grading can feel better about the fact that I am always happier grading after a serious chuckle-fest). You’re welcome everyone who comes after Jess in the gradebook. You’re welcome.

  4. Hey jess!
    I am OBSESSED with “Betches”. I have been a long time reader and it honestly just gets funnier and funnier. I agree with you, it really is just so entertaining to read. The people that write for the website have such a distinct voice that comes through in their articles, which I think helps to make a connection with the readers.

  5. Jess,

    I love Betches as well and remember hearing about this sight from a senior in my sorority who submitted her work to it. The first article I read was “CU Boulder: Betches Love CU.” I was still trying to familiarize myself with the interesting and diverse culture that is CU Boulder, and the article helped me to understand some of the more unconventional things about Boulder and the people who, like me, decided to go there. I agree with your observations on their user centered design, as it is very tailored it its audience.


  6. Hi Jess,

    Betches is a perfect example of why User Centered Design Works! The way everything is very very easy to use allows mass communication. Things on Betches are consistently being shared and some how they will hit my news feed on Facebook. I have never been to the actual site, but I imagine this represents the popularity of the site, and I am sure that comes from their user friendly design. Thanks!


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