User-centered design and rhetorical awareness are ways the technology world compensates for the lack of  face to face connection that exists. Rhetorical awareness is the first step because this is where the analysis and understanding of the audience and everyone else involved is done. This helps to make the website, article, video, etc convincing and effective. The next step is then user-centered design because now that the needs of the audience have been discovered, they can be enacted and implemented. User-centered design also takes away from the focus on technology and draws it back to the audience.


The symbol Buzzfeed uses to show what articles are trending. Taken from

Distract me: Buzzfeed has to be one of my all-time favorite websites for when I’m bored at work, procrastinating doing homework or trying to avoid listening to my professors in class. When you initially go to their website, top stories are the focus and then to the right there are trending posts. You also have the option to click on specific topics and go to all articles that relate to those. Topics range from animals, to world news, to puzzles. They use the art of storytelling to keep their readers entertained while informing them about important things happening in the world.

It is obvious, just from the terms and the way the website is setup, that it is focusing on millennials. When comparing Buzzfeed to a site such as BBC News, it is obvious that they were meant for completely different audiences. BBC doesn’t have a trending area, a “what’s hot” spot or use words such as “lol” and “wtf”. It’s the perfect platform for young people to get important news information while also being entertained.

Time saver: No one these days wants to spend 20 minutes scrolling through an article searching for what they were looking for. Buzzfeed is constantly experimenting and testing out new ideas to connect to its readers. They are known as one of the most forward thinking, innovative websites that exists today. One of my favorite things about their articles is how they put things into lists for easy reading. For example a new post today called 6 Important Things to know before Amazon Prime Day quickly lists the top things to be aware of. In less than 2 minutes, you can scroll through the article and read the bolded headings of each 6 things. If you have more time, you can read the explanations below but it isn’t necessary.

Along with that, Buzzfeed has a plethora of newsletters you can subscribe too. Instead of scrolling through their site trying to find one specific thing, you can get an email anywhere from once a week to once a day with the most important articles on the things you are interested in. For example there is a Buzzfeed DIY newsletter, a Buzzfeed Food newsletter, etc. The newsletter arrives with links to the most viewed, most important and newest articles in that topic area.

My favorite: As everyone already knows, I have an almost unhealthy obsession with food and Buzzfeed Food has made it 10 times worse. It is the most user friendly, interesting and easy to use website for recipes I have ever found. Not only are there fun, inventive recipes but they have articles on what to eat each month, tips on eating healthy, step-by-step videos and much more.

I guess you could even say I become the decision maker when I go on to Buzzfeed Food at night to get inspiration for what to cook for dinner or what to buy at the grocery store. My roommates become the stakeholders in this situation because they are the ones directly affected by the choices I make, most of the time they end up happy!

All in all Buzzfeed uses rhetorical awareness and user centered design very effectively to appeal to its audience and persuade us to purchase this, avoid that or cook this tonight.


6 thoughts on “Buzzfeed

  1. Hi Sammy!
    I love that you picked Buzzfeed because this is definitely one of my go-to procrastination sites. I am right there with you on the food videos and posts, every time I watch a new food video there is an 80% chance that I just HAVE to make it. I have always found Buzzfeed very simple and easy to you like you as well. I was unaware that you can subscribe to newsletters, so I will have to look into that!


  2. Hi Sammy,

    I honestly have not visited Buzzfeed’s actual site very often. I usually come across their content mainly on Facebook. Nevertheless I definitely love its ability to distract me from boring work or lecture. I enjoyed reading about its ease of use not being familiar with their site. It sounds like the perfect layout for easy browsing. Also, just curious, what is the tastiest thing you’ve made from Buzzfeed Food?


  3. Hi Sammy!
    I am actually so shocked that I did not think to write my blog post on Buzzfeed too. It really is a website for everyone with so many different things to look at. You’re so right and I really never thought about the fact that they are constantly putting out articles on new ideas and topics to keep readers interested and coming back.

  4. Hi Sammy!
    Buzzfeed is certainly on my list of Top 10 Most Visited Websites. It’s one of those sites that you can be one for hours. Once you finish once quiz about how much you know about tacos, they have ads to take another quiz about what Kardashian you would be. I especially love the Try Guys; I could honestly watch those videos for hours!


  5. Hey Sammy!
    Buzzfeed is a great website. It is extremely interactive with their quizzes and articles which how it appeals to users. It has a lot of substance and always has the latest and most current articles. The website is fun and easy to use and offers various forms of entertainment to keep users interested.


  6. Hi Sammy!
    I agree Buzzfeed is a great time-waster that can actually provide you with some relevant news about what’s going on! I also find myself wandering the site during all the times I shouldn’t be (I’m the procrastination queen).
    Also, Buzzfeed Food is honestly my favorite thing. Ever.


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