The INFORMation Is Up To You



In the United States and around the world society is going through a technological advancement that is allowing people to exchange information at the click of a button. I can simply Google any current event and it will pull up the latest news on that topic. Not only do we have to seek information, but news is shared even on social media sites that connect people around the world. An evolution that I have found most interesting is the way that news is shared in a user friendly format according to the interests of that particular person on Facebook.

Mission: Facebook, founded in 2004, has a mission to, “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.” Given all of this connectivity, Facebook has evolved to be not only a source of information of family and friends but valuable information to the current events going on in the world.

Vastness: Whether its keeping up with your Aunt Susie, finding new recipes, or even finding out for the first time about the recent shootings in Miami, it allows its users to shape and mold news feeds based on interests, ideals, and relevancy. Most importantly, this informational site is user friendly and available to so many in the world. It meets the expectation of each user by using big data analytics. Through this, each online journal is one of a kind to each log in.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, recently commented in the Business Insider stating that “in the next 10 years they want to connect to the whole world.” What is exciting about this, is that the news from around the world, and the opinions on that news, can be shared and read by any person that allows it. This will allow audiences to have firsthand relevant information by the perspective of bystanders. Never in our history have we been able to receive information this instantaneously.

Easy to Use: Facebook uses a User-Centered Design that is refined. As new features arise on Facebook, its’ easy to use software, walks users through by low lighting old features, and puts spotlight on how the users experience can be heightened through its latest advancements. Facebook uses short blurb sentences that are easy to understand by all people that are introduced to each new component.

Not only can users get information, but they can also give out information. Like Allison Waechter recently said in her second lecture, “work is love made visible.” Each user that is actively on Facebook controls what parts of them self they want to share with the world. People who want to share interests can link, blog, share photos, videos, or just comment on opinions.

The other advantage that Facebook has on other informational sources, is it is free for all that use it. News on the recent election, what is going on in the stock market, or even the latest news on BlacChyna and Rob Kardashian, is available to users with just a little Wi-Fi. The accessibility to consumers allows the information to be obtained in great masses.

Hope For the Future: Facebook is not the most reliable source. Those who oppose the information that is shared on Facebook say that the information is too influenced by those who buy adds or streams that are more widely fed. I think that potential that Facebook has to be influential is pertinent to its future. As Facebook evolves, my hope is that it helps create more of a voice that is heard from wider and farther away. I hope that police, government, and other news sources get involved with what information is given to its residents. There is no getting passed the fact that because it is so available, people use it, and Facebooks’ ability to meet the masses will hopefully be used to pass on valid information, and not just entertaining information.

Fortunately and unfortunately, what is seen on Facebook is at the responsibility of the user, and hopefully peoples thirst for information is relevant to the current issues going on around the world.



9 thoughts on “The INFORMation Is Up To You

  1. Jonay,

    I’ve been struggling with Facebook these days because it seems like whenever I go on all I see are Ads, strange articles or someone’s photos I saw days ago. It’s refreshing to hear that there is still someone out there who loves Facebook and has faith in it! Maybe I just need to spend a little more time trying to tailor my newsfeed and then I’ll be able to enjoy it as well.


  2. Hi Jonay,
    I use Facebook quite often and like using it, but I am getting tired of all the random videos that flood my newsfeed. But this can be fixed I guess! I always find it hilarious when some adults find Facebook hard to use (my aunt still doesn’t know how to comment on pictures!). I love that you said that Facebook gives users a voice! I also love the safety feature that they just added.


  3. Jonay,
    I used to LOVE Facebook… It was by far my favorite type of social media. Agreeing with what Sammy said above, lately Facebook has had a different feel to it with all the adds and videos. I don’t even see things that my friends add to Facebook anymore because there are so many other things that don’t even concern me and I wonder why they are. I loved the perspective you gave in this post, I hadn’t really thought about it too much until now!


  4. Jonay,

    I agree that Facebook is a great outlet for information but it has become very diluted over the years. Nowadays I use Facebook mostly to advertise my online store within dedicated groups. This is a very effective way in getting my products out there and very easy. On the other hand, I refer to Facebook as a trap more often than not. You will sign on with some kind of intention to only have yourself realizing you’ve been mindlessly scrolling down your newsfeed for the past 20 min, yet to achieve your original intent. For this reason I try to avoid spending too much time on it.


  5. Hi Jonay!
    I was actually talking with my friends the other day about how with all the new apps out there we are starting to forget about Facebook. Of course I still check it at least once a day, my interest in it had definitely gone down until reading this. I think you’re right and that Facebook does have a voice that can be shared. I don’t think it will be going anywhere for a while.

  6. Hi Jonay!
    Reading this made me think back to myspace and just how different things are now! Social media was originally intended to connect people, but Facebook has definitely turned into a platform that can do so much more than that. And I don’t think it’ll phase out anytime soon; everyone has an Aunt Susie that’s insistent on only communicating through Facebook messages.


  7. Hi Jonay!
    As almost anyone, I am a Facebook user and it is not often that I think of the platform and ways it hooks users. I really enjoy your take on the easy-to-use aspect of Facebook and how this draws people in from many generations.


  8. Hi Jonay!
    Facebook has made a lot of changes lately. My favorite change that they have made is adding live videos to their feed. It’s great to know that you can actually choose the information that you want to see now. Facebook strategically places specific ads on users timelines based on their latest searches. Facebook has really evolved to more than just a social media platform.


  9. Jonay,

    With the unimaginable growth of social media in the past few years, alongside the horrible events that take place every day, Facebook has become one of the main platforms for conversation and debate. I appreciate your opinion on the positive aspect of connecting the world and making it so that news and conversation can become so accessible, regardless of your location in the world. Yet, as Facebook gets more and more popular, I worry that it will lose its popularity with some people because they claim to “not care” about other peoples opinions. With this upcoming election and the horrible events in the news this summer, I have seen many people leave Facebook in hopes to find a more impactful way to voice their opinion. What are your thoughts on this?

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