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As a college student with an internship and a job, rarely (if ever) do I have time to watch the news, read a newspaper, or even read articles online. The Skimm  is a news source that caters to people, like me, that simply don’t have enough time in the day to be updated on events worldwide. The site summarizes news stories into a few paragraphs that makes staying updated easy for those with busy schedules, or that want a more simple version of the news. It is emailed to each user once a day (on weekdays), in an easy to read and witty format.

Their Market: This news source is directed toward millennials and used so that people can quickly read for less than five minutes about what’s going on around them. It is also directed towards those with busy schedules, so that instead of having to read long articles, they can read a paragraph that summarizes it. Considering the pop culture references they use and the style of writing, it is clear that it is marketed towards those in high school through their 20s.

User-Centered Design: The whole purpose of The Skimm is to provide convenience and knowledge to its users, therefore harnessing user-centered design throughout their entire site. The main benefit that The Skimm offers its users it its convenience as well at the fact that it saves an enormous amount of time for busy people. When people use this site, they begin to fall into a pattern, I’m a clear example of this, every morning when I wake up, it’s the first thing I do before I get out of bed. It takes 5 minutes to get through the whole thing and that way I feel more informed about the world.

Not only does it provide an easier way to get news, but during elections, it also provides a “skim” of each candidate. For example, during the primaries of this election, The Skimm went through each of the candidates and provided a synopsis of their views, what party they belonged to, and specific things they have been quoted saying. On their website they have a section called “Skimm The Vote” which provides answers to questions about the election. This can be very helpful for millennials who will be voting for the first time ever in this election.

Each posts starts with a “quote of the day” which is usually from someone that is related to the news from that day. For example, Today’s quote (7/1//16) was from the creator of “Hamilton” the musical, as its last show was over the weekend. The posts also include a “things you should know” section that can be anything from defining a word, introducing a person, or explaining something that you might not have known before.

Each of their news stories are titled by asking a question, for example, one of the stories  from today (7/11/16) was titled, “what to say to your friend who falls asleep to ‘Sportscenter’… Serena FTW”. Referencing a story about how Serena Williams won Wimbleton over the weekend. This engages the reader into reading the paragraph on the rest of the story.
Easy: The way that the site writes its information makes it very easy to understand, no matter how complicated the story. They write in a way that’s not only funny, but references pop culture or other relatable things that make the user want to read the information. By writing in this catchy way, The Skimm is able to grab their readers and provide a funny, entertaining, and insightful news source.


6 thoughts on “The Skimm

  1. Ally,

    The Skimm sounds awesome, like it would be right up my alley! Immediately after reading your article I went and signed up for their email list, I’m excited to get one from them tomorrow and see how it goes. That’s so cool how they have all that easy to access information about presidential candidates, that seems really helpful.


  2. Ally,
    The Skimm was introduced to me by my roommate this past year and I think it’s a really amazing concept. I am not actually signed up for it yet, but after reading this post I definitely will be subscribing. Being educated on whats going on in the world is so important so this is a really creative way to get the information across to busy people like you and I! I also really like that it is aimed towards millennia’s because as far as I am concerned no other news source is aimed towards our generation.


  3. Ally,

    The Skimm sounds like a great resource. I frequent Reddit almost daily and see the Skimm eliminating the browsing work I have to do on that website. It seems like the Skimm is the most concise and speedy way to stay up to date on current events. I too rarely ever have time to watch the news or browse a newspaper. I think I will definitely be subscribing!


  4. Hi Ally!
    My friend actually just forwarded me an article from the Skimm last week! I was really impressed with the website and i’ll definitely be checking back in. I agree with you that it is really great that they are able to take stories and word them in ways that everyone will understand.

  5. Hi Ally!
    I love love *love* The Skimm! It makes me feel quasi-productive in the morning when I’m going through my email/checking snapchat 15 times before actually getting out of bed. I’ve always appreciated when they give a little background before giving new details about a big story and that in the email they write in short, easy to understand blurbs. Helps when you haven’t yet had your morning coffee!


  6. Ally,

    The Skimm is my favorite way to start my morning and is often the first thing I check on my phone. I think this is the best thing for our generation, who often times don’t bother to read or watch the news anywhere else. I also agree that they do a good job keeping your attention by making it both funny and referencing pop culture. My favorite part of the Skimm is when it features a Skimm Reads book reccomendation!


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