Graphic Design in Online Shopping

Where: One of my favorite places to online shop is ASOS. Not only does it have almost any piece of clothing, jewelry or shoe you could imagine, it also ranges from extreme affordability to higher end prices, with regular sizes, a petite line, a plus size line, a tall line. So, not only is it a good place to get something cheap but also to eye a brand name product to send to my mom around Christmas time… The jack of all trades for women’s fashion, if you will.

Why: ASOS is familiar with its audience and uses graphic design to create an aesthetically inviting website face with an easy -to- navigate surface. The home page utilizes many of the design concepts that Dave Underwood spoke about. Of Kin writes that, “The Women category page is strongly lead by content, encouraging women to consider the site as a place to browse for inspiration and entertainment, not just as a place to complete a purchase.” So, rather then rely heavily on texts, ASOS manipulates a multitude of photographs and design elements making it a website for both shopping, but also browsing for inspiration. They have specifically addressed this page to a certain audience of women: those who seek out the newest trends and don’t necessarily take to the internet solely for buying purposes. Business Case Studies designates this audience as fashion conscious consumer women aged from 16 to 34.

How: Below is a screenshot of what one would see on there initial opening of the women’s page of ASOS. Notice the white space behind tScreen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.31.54 PM.pnghe images, but also the repetition, or what Dave Underwood calls rhythm, of three text boxes. These are actually the only “sale” oriented aspects of the page. The graphic designer purposely places these where your eye meets the page, but quickly puts the emphasis on the photos below. The photos themselves are juxtaposed to create rhythm on the page. But, individually, the photos utilize contrast, creative cropping, and the rule of three thirds. The photo farthest to the left is taken from an angle looking up onto the model, who is centered towards the right and cropped to draw the eye to the outfit itself, rather then the background. The middle photo is contrasted from the side two because of its larger size and landscape shape. Within the photo, there is contrast between the two models. Similar makeup and face, but different hair color, height, and jacket color. Again, the foreground takes emphasis over the blurry background, and the photo is cropped strategically to leave Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.32.06 PM.pngmystery into what the rest of their outfits look like, prompting the viewer to click the “Shop” button. The photo at the far right actually slides back and forth from the photo above, and the photo seen here, to the left. These two photos contrast themselves in the sense that one is taken on a street and the other in a studio. One model is black, and the other model is white. Both captioned with a phrase to lure the viewer to click through.  Yet, both of these two photos that switch back and fourth have a bit of playfulness to them with the added graphic elements: the check mark and the blue zig zag.



All in All: The uniform graphic design style of the homepage allows it to be aesthetically appealing, which is important to create a welcoming first impression. Texts stay similar, white and black with pops of color. Its organized and lacks clutter. And rather then rely on words, the graphic design shows models wearing the clothes, having fun, and feeling confident. A more “blog” like feel, rather then a shopping site without showing the personality behind the product.


4 thoughts on “Graphic Design in Online Shopping

  1. Hi Nina,

    ASOS seems like a really cool and useful shopping site.I really like how it has a very large price range from extreme affordability and beyond. Like many of these sites, ASOS’s layout and color scheme is very simple and keeps its audience focused on the products they’re selling. I also really like how ASOS will present trends to its audience then lead them to where they can purchase the trending looks.


  2. Hi Nina!
    I have never personally shopped on ASOS but my boss was looking at it the other day so I checked it out with her! I completely agree that the site does a good job of creating a welcoming first impression. The pops of color really bring in and attract customers.

  3. Hi Nina!
    ASOS is a gem. It’s my go-to whenever I need a more formal dress. Their prices are great and they have labels and designs you just can’t find in stores! Their’s is one of those websites that has a great, calm color scheme so browsing for hours was always a pleasure. I’ll be sure to try out your technique of sending things you want to your parents around Christmas!


  4. Hey Nina!
    ASOS is also one of my favorite sites to online shop! They have so much to offer but they make it easy to navigate through their website by having categories where you can narrow down your options by picking color, size, fit, price range, and brand. I also like how you can see a “quick view” of the item so that you don’t lose your place while you’re online shopping.


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