Only NY.


Only: My personal favorite and most used website when it comes to purchasing clothes is called Only New York. The company is a streetwear brand from New York who sells an array of different clothes that appeal to various styles and trends. Much like their style, the website allows for simplicity and use of eye-catching design.

White Space and Contrast: The first aspect of Only NY’s website that I find appealing is their use of white space and quiet. As we learned in Dave Underwood’s video lectures, white space can allow the designer to get their message across in a more meaningful way by presenting less, and allowing for more free space so the user can focus on the true message. Only NY conveys their simplicity through the use of white space, which alligns with the company’s message. White space makes the viewer want to explore the website and see more. Tying into the use of white space, the web designers use minimal color in their designs which send the eye to the slight color on their page, bringing attention to the colors in the clothes, not distracting the potential customer. Their use of white space allows for the brand to add to their visual rhetoric and provide visitors with a simple yet beautiful web design. Contrast on Only NY’s website allows for the viewer to notice the products on the page which stand out upon the white background. The black words, and dark colored clothes which scroll on their own to display the clothes and ways they compliment each other influence the viewer to purchase the clothes and reminds them of the “every day” theme of Only NY.

Ethos: Moving on to the ethos of this website, or the professionalism of Only NY, I see a lot of qualities that are very interesting and accurate for the point they are trying to get across. I would like to focus on the font and lack of clutter that Only NY uses. The correct typeface is imperative to display personality and theme of a company. Only NY has an extremely simple, yet effective typeface that adds to the simplicity and casual nature of their products. They follow the unwritten rule of only combining two typefaces on the same page, allowing for them to remain simple and effective. The banner illustrates a simple and relaxed look, while the headlines describing the specific product, lower on the page, is a professional and bold look which works well with the other font.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 2.12.46 PM

Only NY does a great job with eliminating clutter on their page. The site looks extremely inviting due to their spacing between the banner, products, and flipping pictures that show their products being worn. They avoid trapping different parts of their websites by using proper space and size. This draws focus to photos of their products rather than words.

Logos: Furthermore, I am facinated by Only NY’s logic behind the development of their website that is able to communicate with their audience. They “bait the hook” on the front page of their site with the use of flipping photos of people wearing their clothes. This provides the audience with an example of what the clothing looks like when it is worn. This communicates the nature of the clothing and different activities that you can do in the clothes. The models are normal people, in normal day to day situations further appealing to the laid back nature of the clothing. The elements of Only NY’s website alongside the great design of their clothes come together to influence new customers to buy and regulars to stay. It is necessary to combine great design with great products and I believe Only NY is appealing to me and many other because of these qualities.


6 thoughts on “Only NY.

  1. Hi Kyle,

    I have never heard of Only NY but after browsing it a bit it actually has some pretty cool stuff! I really liked the landing page and how it shows an array of products in a very visually pleasing and effective way. It is a very simple website and has no other distractions on it. It keeps the audience focused on only one thing: its items its selling.


  2. Hey Kyle!
    I actually have heard of this website before because my sixteen year old brother is pretty obsessed with it. I hand’t checked out the website until just now and I actually might be pretty obsessed with it too. The graphic design of the website is really cool I love the use of white space, and the black text against it for contrast.

  3. Hi Kyle!
    I had never heard of Only NY but I really like their brand strategy after reading your post! They seem to really portray their brand as simple and wearable. I love the fact that you mentioned that their models are normal people because sometimes having perfect models messes with the image of the clothes. I like that their logo is also simple and straight to the point. Their website seems very heavily aligned with their message, which is awesome!


  4. Hey Kyle!
    I hadn’t heard of Only NY, but after looking at the site I can see why you like it so much! I love how simple, clean, and straightforward the website is. And some of those pieces are really cool; I love this trend to bring back some retro styles from 80s and 90s and that’s definitely present in some of their products.


  5. Hi Kyle,

    I have never hear of the site, but will definitely check it out. I hope that the websites design matches what they sell because it sounds like they have something really great going on. The website sounds extremely straight forward and easy to use. I am sure though that the contrast and focal points of the website match the same streetwear vibe that New York has going on. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Kyle,
    I actually had never heard of this site, but after taking a quick visit to their site, I see know that I am probably not their targeted audience, ha! But, none the less, I agree with your fondness of their user centered design. The site seems very navigable. I like how it seems to sell just a large variety of all the basic men’s items necessary in street style, and the reliance on contrast. I think I might even purchase something from my brother!

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