What is Revolve? One of my “go to” sites for online shopping has always been Revolve. Weather it was in high school and I was searching for a prom dress or today when I’m looking for a new pair of jeans, I know that I can always go to revolve and find exactly what I’m looking for. Revolve sells women’s clothing, shoes and accessories while always staying up to date on the latest trends. Not only are they successful due to their website, but they’re instagram is followed by 1.1 million people, including many famous celebrities and bloggers. I think a huge part of why their website is so drawing is due to its aesthetics and visual rhetoric.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.57.18 AMAesthetics of Revolve: Revolve’s biggest draw to a consumer is that they will always have the latest trends and most popular brands. They make this known too. The very first thing you see when going to their site is a piece called, “Hamptons Hunnies” with many photos of famous influencers, models and bloggers wearing clothes that are sold on their site. This is an example of target flow in regards to logos. Having these women representing the brands they carry is clearly important to the brand as one can see because they are front and center of the first page of the site. The way these photos are organized with contrast right next to each other gives a visually drawing appeal as well. This is also known as baiting a hook because everything else is scaled down and sized back to appear as less important because Revolve wants to hook the audience immediately with this, “Hamptons Hunnies” piece.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.05.41 AMFinding their Voice: Pathos is a technique that websites use to make their site aesthetically pleasing and drawing. Revolve does this in multiple ways. One of which is by making their site very clean and simple. Their text and headings are all black and in a clean font that is easy to read. At the top of their site, they have tabs that will bring you directly to what type of clothing you are looking for such as “accessories,” “new,” and “hot list.” They also organize their pictures in a way that each segment of photos has its own scheme. After running an Instagram for my internship, I have realized that a lot of thought goes into which pictures are placed where and why certain photos are placed next to each other. For example, in the picture on the left, all the photos in this scheme are edited the same way, while highlighting the same colors in the pictures such as whites, pinks and greens.

Revolve makes people “believe the voice behind the mind which establishes authority and trust.” Also known as ethos. Revolve does a really great job looking competent and professional while also connecting with their consumers of all ages. Websites have to be sure to make sure their consumers trust their site, for example in this case one may ask themselves, “is this website going to mess up my order?” They do this by keeping a simple design while implementing white space. Implementing white space shows sophistication which displays that they are confidant in not having every part of their site filled with clutter and focuses more attention on important things.

My thoughts: Due to Revolve’s graphic design, as a consumer I am drawn to this site. Not only because I love the brands they carry, but because their graphic design makes me feel like I can trust them and it is very visually appealing. As a consumer, I want to feel safe when purchasing things on the internet since sometimes sites can be unreliable. I unfortunately judge websites by the way they look because I don’t want to give a “sketchy” website my credit card information. Sites that master graphic design and visual rhetoric will be more successful in every sense.


4 thoughts on “Revolve

  1. Hey Jess!
    Love love love revolve. I like what you had to say about their graphic design and I completely agree. The clean aesthetic that they have does a good job of keeping the customers interested and focused on the products that they are selling by using the baiting a hook method.

  2. Hey Jessie!
    I’ve personally never shopping on Revolve but I’ve heard great things about it. After reading your blog post I looked at the website and I can see why people love it. The site is very clean and visually appealing to the eye. Although they have a lot to offer, the website does not feel cluttered and the color schemes are simple. Not to mention very cute clothes!


  3. Hi Jessie!
    Revolve sounds like it is a very flexible website for an array of different types of people as well as different ages. I enjoy your bit about the aesthetics of the website and how the photos are aligned. I can visualize their appeal to pathos as I visit the site and really enjoy it!


  4. Jess,

    Revolve is a great site to shop for any occasion. I agree that they create an interface that promotes new and trending items in order to influence a buyer to be part of it. The “Hampton Hunnies” piece makes me want to shop and then go on vacation! Similarly to ASOS, I like how Revolve keeps almost a “shopping blog” on their site, rather then just putting up their products. The simplicity with pops of color help to gravitate the eye towards the more important aspects of the site.


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