Thrift With Class

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 10.06.42 PM.pngOne of my favorite websites is This website allows woman around the world to trade expensive designer goods for reasonable everyday prices. Not only does the concept of the website draw users in, but the user friendly graphic design keeps users coming back again and again.

Pathos: Tradesy ‘s design is esthetically pleasing to draw in users attention. At first glance your eye is drawn towards the beautiful center photo because of all of the white space that surrounds the picture. Tradesy uses a contrast of black and white colors to help their brand stand out and vibrate all of the different accessories Tradesy’s has to offer. Civil Palette design tabs encourage users to explore through all of Tradesy’s latest fashions and all of the different high end products it has to offer.

Ethos: I think the biggest competitive advantage of Tradesy’s website is their design to look more professional. Tradesys whole website is established on a grid. The picture size and grid that the website is laid out on establishes your focus at the top of the page and is then carried all the way to the bottom of the web page. The margins remain the same throughout. This creates a reliable and clean look. Although Tradesy uses boxes throughout, they use thin to none borders with a very light grey to underwhelm and direct users where to click. Because of Tradesys fine lines, there is no trapped space that leads users to be overwhelmed or confused.

One of my favorite parts of Tradesy’s website design is the type font. There classic black and white contrast look is complimented with the title Tradesy in beautiful New Times Roman Font. I love this look with Tradesy’s designer trade concept because these classic designer bags are complimented with its classic font and design concepts.

Tradesy also sticks to only two contrasting typefaces throughout its website. This sticks to the advice that Dave Underwood gives to students. Carrying more than two fonts throughout your website, often leaves users with confusion or overwhelming feelings. Throughout Tradesy’s website their primary New Times Roman Text is complimented with a soft Calibri lettering.

Tradesy also helps its professional, sophisticated, classic feel by sophistically dispersing buyer adds throughout the website. Often web designers will clutter web designs with too many advertisements and pop ups. What I like about Tradesy’s ads, is that they provide advertisement on the same grid as the rest of the design as well as the same color layout as the rest of the design.

Logos: Lastly I think what makes this e-commerce website so successful is its target and flow. Because tradesy is a second hand site, consignment can often be convoluted with cheap thrifty feelings towards a brand. Tradesy through its eloquent web design portrays a message of class and quality. Tradesy baits the hook by ignoring competing elements throughout its web design.

Although Tradesy uses almost all of its pictures and tabs of the same grid it transfers the users eye by changing the weight depending on where the website wants you to direct your attention. For example, Hot Pick items are medium sized and boxed, and trending “editors picks” items are larger without a box around them. Categorized items are then presented in smaller boxes without a border around them.

Connection: My favorite quote that I will continue to carry with throughout my career is “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” I love this quote because I think it reflects how people who master design, like Tradesy, Apple, and Amazon have been able to accomplish with their design simple and to the point design. Simplistic design helps customers have an ultimate buying experience.

11 thoughts on “Thrift With Class

  1. Hi Jonay,

    I really like the concept of Tradesy. To be able to trade your high dollar items so you can switch up your style without having to go buy something new is awesome. It seems like everyone is a winner. I also understand when you talk about “cheap thrifty feelings”. I agree that a very nicely put together website can eliminate those feelings.


  2. Hey Jonay!
    I don’t know how I didn’t know about this website before but I am 100% going to check it out right now. This seems amazing. I also love the classic black and white theme that they have, it keeps the site looking professional and classy. Great work!


  3. Jonay,

    This website is so refreshing compared to the usual convoluted second hand websites like Ebay and such. I’ve never given much thought to buying second hand online but after going through this site and seeing how straightforward and professional it is, I am definitely going to give it a shot!


  4. Hey Jonay,
    I had never heard of Tradesy before so I am very glad that you brought it up! This is a great concept, that can easily lead people to be suspicious of the reliability of the website, but their graphic design seems to clear up any worries. I like that you pointed out all the contrasting colors to make their brand really stand out. Their simple design really draws the eye.


  5. Hi Jonay,
    Having a real love/hate relationship with this post because I’m so excited to peruse this site, but I know it’s about to eat up my whole day! They have so many great labels in stock and for even better prices. I agree that sometimes “thrifty” has a bad connotation behind it, but Tradesy does a great job of presenting a clean, professional front to combat that connotation!


  6. Hey Jonay!
    I am a thrifter myself, but I actually have never heard of Tradesy but I will have to check it out. The website looks clean and I like how you can navigate through the website by using the tabs that narrow down your options. Very simple layout that is different than any other second hand website I have seen.


  7. Hi Jonay!
    I come from a family who loves thrift shopping but when I saw this post I recommended it to my sister and cousin. I love the concept of trade and after visiting it, I see that it is easy to navigate. My sister has used it several times since I showed her and the clean layout makes the site even more intriguing!


  8. Hi Jonay!
    I’ve never heard Tradesy but I’ll definitely start shopping there after reading this post! I love the idea and can see myself using it! I mean, who wants to pay full price for those things! I agree with you about the font, it is classy but inviting at the same time! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Jonsay,

    I had never heard about Tradesy, but this is just the type of thing to be right up my alley! The user centered design is really interesting in this case because it looks professional and minimalistic, almost to make you forget that you are actually shopping on a thrift website. As far as I can tell from my initial visit to the site, it seems kind of similar to Poshmark, but a little bit more grown up and classy, which is definitely needed as I think Poshmark’s graphic elements are a bit too busy. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Jonay,
    I mainly shop at thrift shops and I have never heard of this! I love it! They take the grit out of the thrift shop world and make it elegant and classy. I like how they use professional photos and a sleek dark color design to draw in serious customers. They do a really great job of reaching out to their specific target market! Well done!


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