Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 4.12.46 PM.pngTriangl is a swimsuit company based out of Australia that specializes in unique bikinis made out of neoprene, which when they first opened, was the first on the market. To make their products even more exclusive, real and authentic Triangl swimsuits can only be purchased from the website. By utilizing social media and creating profiles for all their swimsuit models, they have created a name for themselves in the swimsuit industry.

Home Page: As soon as you open the website onto the home page, your entire screen immediately fills with a large picture of two beautiful, tanned, perfectly thin girls wearing one of the unique Trianl swimsuits. Their use of creative cropping focuses you into the most important part of the photo- the neoprene swimsuits sold only through this website. By showing these photos on the home page they are attempting to showcase the swimwear before you even enter the site.

The font used on the homepage is white, simple, and easy to read. I believe they did this in order to not make the page look cluttered with too many words and keep the focus on the pictures. By keeping the main focus on their pictures, Triangl is really pushing people to look at the products themselves.

Shop: As you move on the shop page, simple pictures of the swimsuits are displayed, creating lots of white space behind them to once again focus all eyes onto the product. The text on this page is black, but still small and simple. Under each swimsuit they simply display the name of the bikini and the price. As you click onto the individual suits themselves, the page is still filled with white space, but the font changes some in order to emphasize the custom choices they give their customers. However even with the added words, the page still looks sleek and simple, and continues to keep the eye of the consumer on the product.

Lookbook: An added feature that their website has that encompasses their graphic design, is their “lookbook” which features multiple pictures of models wearing their bikinis. These pictures that up the entire screen and are accompanied by no text, making the main focus only on the pictures and the swimsuits.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 9.16.52 PM.pngThe company focuses almost all of their advertising efforts on Instagram as they believe it will easily reach the market they are going after. This features pictures of their models in the bikinis, but also what they will be releasing soon to the public on the website. Not only do they advertise pictures of models in their swimsuits but also by utilizing the hashtag #trianglgirls, girls from all over the world can post pictures in their Triangl swimsuits. By including this into their advertising campaign they hope to have girls all around the world “be inspired by an endless summer”.

By featuring the photos with the hashtag on their website, they are creating a story for their consumers of girls around the world that have purchased their swimsuits. This is a unique of graphic design as it includes everyday customers into their website.


4 thoughts on “Triangl.

  1. Hi Ally!
    I am a huge fan of Triangl swimwear as well! In fact, I am writing this comment right now from Miami! I am here for Miami Swim week for work and got to see Triangl’s 2017 stuff, you’re going to love it especially if you are already a fan! I like how you pointed out how their font is really clean so that it makes it very easy to see the details of the bathing suits and focus on that more than anything. Lastly, I couldn’t agree more that the reason why this company is where it is is because of social media! They completely blew up with a huge thanks to Instagram.


  2. Ally,

    I love Triangl. and it always ends badly when I decide to go browse their website! It’s really interesting what you mentioned about Instagram and hashtags. Triangl is the perfect example of a company that has really utilized social media to connect to their customers and spread a name for themselves. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a professional feel when using social media or to not be annoying but Triangl has developed the perfect balance to appeal to young women.


  3. Hi Ally!
    I am a huge fan of Triangl! I own two bikini sets myself. I agree with you that they’ve done a good job marketing themselves on social media. I think that using social media to target millennials is the most effective want to target that audience. The photos they use on their website are beautiful and the color scheme is visually appealing.


  4. Hi Ally,

    I think I am a little confused on Triangl. I have never used the website before, so I am very unfamiliar. I dont quite understand what neoprene is, and how that relates to their social media edge. Also I wondering if there is a correlation between their use of Instgram and social media, and if this matches there use of graphic design on their website. Often you would find there to be some type of match in filters in photos and things like that. Thanks for sharing the website I look forward to checking it out!


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