3040 Reflection

Plan & Preparation: Staying on top of trends in the job market, while employed or unemployed, is never a bad thing to do, it can only help. The element of uncertainty with today’s economy, illustrated by the financial crisis of ‘07-’08, can have crippling effects to every level of social class in today’s society. Personal branding has become a critical element to anyone’s repertoire and gives those who execute it well a leg up in the job market. With that being said, I plan on expanding the reach of my personal brand along with its cohesiveness and authenticity. I would like to design and produce a number of business cards to promote myself and mainly highlight mDDlogo.fwy online Etsy store. I use Etsy as my online storefront platform where I design and sell collectible lapel pins for my favorite electronic music artists. That is not my only sales channel though as I like to try to sell a couple at each show I attend. These business cards would allow me to give fellow concert-goers a reminder to check out my Etsy store after the show. Ideally, this would drive more traffic to my Etsy store, increase my exposure and sales while staying current with my overall personal brand strategy. These extensions of my personal brand are to reflect my professionalism but also highlight my relatableness to my store’s audience as someone who is passionate about live music and enjoys the culture

What Did I Learn?: I learned that, in the professional world, I would like to portray myself as well rounded, adaptable, and creative. Within my writing, these traits would allow me to produce high level content on a consistent basis. I feel as if these are very useful traits to have in any situation, especially within the business and professional world. Being well rounded will show one’s flexibility and highlights one’s knowledge capacity. This would prove one to be useful in many different situations. Being adaptable and creative would then illustrate one’s ability to overcome adversity and do so in an efficient and beneficial way. With all of these traits combined, one would have the skills and abilities to create and sustain whatever they choose. These traits would portray my ability to create value out of any situation while furthermore being able to upkeep it as well. If one is able to successfully paint this picture of themselves to the outside world, they will find little difficulty in the job market and professional world.

Writing Discoveries: Not being a huge writer at all outside of the realm of academia, I enjoyed most of the prompts given in this class. They allowed us to explore our writing style and refine it and make it more cohesive and professional. With that being said, I discovered many things about my writing style that I like. Mainly, I like the flow of my writing style. It could be just me, but I feel as if my writing sets itself up very well. This allows each piece to flow effortlessly from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph, they are all interconnected. Another likable thing I have discovered about my writing style through this course is that I enjoy writing about thoughts and connections. I like to set things up within my writing then relate them and piece them together for this ‘Ah-Ha!’ moment. I enjoy the build up and complete revelation to conclude it. That is what makes writing a little more fun to me.

3040 Excellence: 3040 provided many challenging assignments but I particularly excelled with the blog posts and design aspects of the class. The blog posts were set up in a way that the rules of academic writing were not strict. This allowed me to not worry too much about what I was writing about and allowed my words and ideas to flow very freely onto the page. This sense of writing freedom allowed me to write better and enjoy it more too. The design aspects of 3040 were also very enjoyable to me. Doing a lot of design work on my own and for fun, the 3040 deign work allowed to me showcase these abilities and excel with them.


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