Reflecting While Looking Forward

I came into this class dreading having to give up my summer and dreading having to write. I feared putting my thoughts and feelings onto a website for all my classmates to read and judge and for my teacher to grade. I hadn’t taken a writing class since high school and had no idea what to expect.

Voice: Now having reached the end of this class, I realize I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the work load not TOO terrible, but I found out that I can be funny! Through my writing I can make people smile, laugh and enjoy what they are reading. I used to struggle with letting my voice be heard in research like or professional writing situations but I now feel like my voice can be heard no matter what I am writing about. I like that I can now make people relate to me and understand where I’m coming from when they read something that I have written.

Professionalism: I came into this course believing that I had a lot of previous knowledge on how to be professional, mainly from my time and experience in Presidents Leadership Class and Leeds Scholars. I was pleased to discover that for once I wasn’t completely off base because I excelled in the Personal Branding Unit. I am very proud of my LinkedIn Profile and Resume and have even more confidence in them now after taking this class.

I also really enjoy working in teams. Although it was very challenging to do a group project for an online class, my team managed to make it work! We excelled in the Conference Call and with our Slide Deck and I believe we worked really well and happily together. This was definitely one of my most successful group projects so far in college.

Lessons Learned: I have come to the realization that being 100% professional all the time is not necessarily the best way to go about things. Yes, of course I want the real world to think I am a professional, but I also want them to see that I am intelligent, light hearted and positive! I want them to know I am educated and am dedicated to my studies but also always up to have some fun.

Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert Landscape
Taken from

Another very important thing I want the professional world to know is that I am a fast learner. If there is an instance where maybe I am less trained or prepared for a specific job than another candidate, I want to be able to prove that I can put in as much effort as needed and quickly learn the new skill(s). This way I will hopefully not be turned down from many jobs because I am lacking in experience.

Who am I: To prepare for the job market and make my personal brand more cohesive and authentic, I plan to do a few things. First off I want to continue keeping my Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook one hundred percent appropriate so that I can never be passed over because of something on my social media. I also will continue keeping my social media profiles private so that companies and such won’t even have the capability to “stalk” me without being a friend of mine. 

I would also like to integrate the ideas that I put into my digital resume onto my LinkedIn profile, resume and cover letters. This could be a mix of using the images, fonts and colors that I came up with as well as integrating the trigger words and phrases that I used in my digital resume to describe myself.


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