Moving Beyond 3040

From now on…After being able to dive deeper into the marketing and advertising industry for the organizational branding unit, I am more in-touch with what I need to do to make myself stand out and to have my voice heard. My focus needs to be on connecting my cover letter, resume and interview to who I am to seem more cohesive to potential employers. I have technically created a brand of myself and I want to be able to keep this front and center with talking to companies. I want to be able to let my personality shine by not just presenting them with a boring resume but also stories and an exciting presentation of who I am (power point resume).  I also plan to really utilize my LinkedIn and start connecting with companies I have some interest in.

Always learning. I have learned that just because I am in a professional setting does not mean I have to lose myself and my personality. I need to make sure my values shine through to them especially in my interview. I want to be able to walk out of an interview and have the interviewer know more about me than just my resume. I want to be able to be professional and serious when I need to be, but still be who I am. This is a hard line sometimes, but I believe practicing professional/personal voice in this class helped immensely. This line is less blurry and I feel like if someone is reading my writing they can tell I am the author more than they could before this class.

Gotta have style. I feel like before coming into this class, I struggled with trying to put my voice into my writing and making it my own. I had issues with voice especially in business writing where the line between professionalism and being yourself is a fine line to walk across. Now, I believe my personal voice in my writing has vastly improved. My writing now reflects me better and I hope that potential employers can recognize my writing from my interview. I have also noticed that in my writing I struggle sometimes with organization. I tend to think fast and type fast so all of my thoughts are normally thrown all over a page and then I have to sort the mess out after. I am now better at slowing down my thoughts and really thinking out every idea and every sentence before something is published.

Strengths. During this class, I enjoyed the personal branding unit. This allowed me to work on my personal voice and brand while also attempting to be more creative. My struggle with my artistic abilities has been ongoing and learning about new websites suchdownload-1002802 as Canva allowed me to expand my abilities. I love this website! I am pretty decent when it comes to technology, so being able to use this program to create my resume presentation allowed me to think bigger than just a simple power point. I loved being able to use some of my background from my technology, media and art certificate to create this project and attempt to further my own personal brand. I also feel my LinkedIn profile is miles ahead of where it used to be. Before Writing 3040, my profile pretty much just had my name and where I went to school. This class forced me to improve and update my profile so that is actually useful.

All done! I appreciate all that I have learned in this class and am looking forward to consistently working on my personal branding in the years to come! This was my first summer class and it was a lot to handle, but I am happy with how the class went and can now say that I have finished my upper division writing credit! Check!


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