Going Beyond 3040 & Beyond

For me, this class has been much more then simply an “upper division writing class.” Rather, it was a journey of self discovery and reflection, in which during the process I learned writing skills and was able to incorporate them in to the business field. As I finish up this course and prepare for my junior year at CU, I now have the knowledge of how to keep my resume up to date, how to write professionally and eloquently, how to design and format a website/blog, and, possibly most importantly, brand myself. I have realized that these are important to skills to have in the current situation of the job market, regardless of whether or not I am a “Business” major.

My Personal Brand: My heart and my mind are set on a career in the art industry, specifically as a curator an art museum. So, I have incorporated both my interests and skills into this field.  I’ve realized that as I grow further in my education and get closer to graduation and starting a career, I need to somehow apply any relevant skill to this brand, along with my personality. Yet, I think what makes my personal brand cohesive and authentic is that this is already true in many ways. Unlike so many people from my generation entering the workforce having studied and prepared for a job which they knew would be a “safe” one, I have taken risks because I feel so passionately about what I want to do, therefore giving me the determination and willingness to take whatever courses, jobs, internships, or programs that I come across in order to make myself as qualified as I can be. Everything about me somehow ties back to it:  my major and minor, my skill for planning and organizing, the leadership roles I’ve had, even my own personal style. IMG_0580

What I learned: I learned that I want to portray myself in the professional world as a creative yet organized and efficient worker. I want my determination and responsible nature to be evident. The things I hope that come to mind when someone thinks about me professionally are these: outside-the-box thinker, open minded, good taste in music, fashion, art and design, and smart. In writing, I want to be relatable and understandable while still remaining formal and professional. I also learned a lot about how I portray myself in the professional world via social media. As stated in the lectures and required readings, what you post on social media, even the links you share on Facebook, can say a lot about your “personal brand.” Moving forward, I will exercise more thought in what I decide to post in order to stay up to par with the ideas I have for myself. I also learned a lot about the more basic elements of writing in the business field, such as a resume and cover letters, even making my own website to display this information. With the help of the teacher and the resources at hand, I was able to expand my resume and add my “brand” so that my education and experience is market geared toward my ideal career path.

My Writing Style: While my writing style might still not always come off 100% formal, I have hope that I have improved it to be more professional. I have discovered that my writing style is very down to earth and personal. I keep it grounded and concise. I have also discovered that I write best about things I have the most interest in. The blog posts’ style of writing came much easier to me then other writing tasks pertaining to the personal branding unit and the organizational branding unit.

Excellent: As stated previously, I think where I have excelled in this course is in the blog posts. I like writing being able to have creativity and the ability to express myself. The blog posts have allowed me to do that, and also incorporate and practice the skills which were taught during this course.


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