Moving Forward

I’ll admit that I was a bit reluctant to sign up for a summer class while also working full time, but it turns out that I am so glad that I did! This course provided me with so much insight into the job market and what I need to do in order to be the best candidate for jobs that I can be. This course has done a great job in preparing me for my future at, and after CU.

What’s Next?: After completing WRTG 3040, I feel much more confident in myself as a nextwriter and as a brand. Because I am about be a junior at CU, the job market is something that is definitely on my mind. With the job market getting more and more competitive each year, I want to keep building my resume. After completing this course, I have focused a lot on my previous work experiences, and have decided that next summer, it is crucial that I land an internship in the field that I hope to pursue after I graduate. After researching for my group website, I really realized the importance of gaining experience, and how great that can look on a resume. Getting an internship in the field of my dream job will also help my personal brand, by showing that I am constantly interested and serious about a specific career.

In addition to adding to my resume, I also think that it is important to stay up to date in my field of interest. For example, although I will not be working during the school year, I am very passionate about public relations, therefore I plan on staying up to date with everything that is happening in the world of PR throughout the year. In a business where things are always changing, it is important to keep up and not get lost in the hustle.

Professional Portrayal: Through this course, I learned a lot about how to portray myself in the professional world. I learned that it is important to have a voice. Employers will read a cover letter and look over a resume in hopes to get a good idea of who the candidate is. The cover letter provides the perfect opportunity to let some of your personal voice come through. This way the employer knows not only your qualifications, but what kind of person you are. I also learned the importance of keeping relationships between employers and coworkers professional. While it can be a good thing to write using voice, it is crucial to write respectfully when addressing people that you work with.


Voice: Looking back on my previous papers and assignments, I can now see that they definitely lack voice. Before I enrolled in this class, I surely struggled with breaking the boundaries of “professional writing” and incorporating my own tone. I like that I now know how to add in a bit of humor and a sense of self into my writing! It is a great way to show employers my personality and add life to my writing. This class has given me the ability to determine when personal voice is appropriate, and how to apply it in my writing. On the other hand, I also realized that my ability to write in a professional tone is a skill that when paired with personal voice, can be extremely effective.

Strengths: I think that in this course, I have excelled in my blog posts. Each prompt allowed me to test out new writing strategies, and play around with personal voice and tone. I think that the blog posts served as great exercises and practice for writing. I know that when it came time to write my cover letter for this course, I felt much more confident than I had in the past when I was actually applying for jobs. This time around, I felt that I could identify where it was fitting to incorporate my own voice and personal touches.

Application: I am so glad that I decided to enroll in this course this summer! Everything that I have learned throughout this course will undoubtedly help me in the future. I feel much more confident to take these skills that I had learned and apply them to the job market next summer when I apply for internships, and even after that when I graduate and am looking for full time jobs. I feel more prepared than ever and have a new outlook on my approach to the job market.


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