“Not Too Fast Jonay”

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 6.13.17 PMGraduation: is right around the corner. After this assignment is turned in I have successfully completed twelve credit hours this summer. I have eight classes until I am able to submerge myself into work.

“Not too fast Jonay.”: You still have eight classes to learn as much as possible. Classes like Writing 3020 cause me to stop, and not get too ahead of myself. I am able to realize that there is so much more to learn before I finally am able to give adulthood a real shot.

Nuggets of Knowledge: Some of these nuggets of knowledge that make me realize the value of how much I am paying for school is like how to brand myself in my professional life. When people hear your name they think of something. Whether that is good or bad there is some sense of feeling. In the professional world this could mean they are honest, they are fair, they were open, they listened. All of the ideas and feelings are created through a personal branding strategy.

We were able to develop these skills and values in the personal branding unit. Students were to reflect on what things were truly important. You have control over the way people think of you. Whether it is the way I dress, or the way I sign off an emails those things should be clean simple and evoke the values stated above.

Where Next:In the startup I am currently involved in, we are about to make our branding strategy for the product we are developing, which is similar to the organizational branding strategy we just did on our websites. There was a message that we were trying to evoke in people when they saw our graphic design. This is true with what I am about to start working on at work. By our product design, leave behinds, and website we want to leave customers with some type of emotion.

Throughout this course I feel my proficiency in writing has increased. I have learned that in writing even if it is an email, it does not need to be so black and white, but there is is also a professional line that you should not cross.  You should be somewhere in the middle, so people get a sense of you as an individual. I discovered through this course that I am a lot more creative than I put myself out to be.

In finance there is a tendency to get caught up in redundant excel sheets and formulas. Through writing in a professional sense you are able to give your professional writing that flare and brand that will keep customer and relationships forming. I typically stray from talking about myself, but in the first blogs we were to open up to complete strangers that are all the way across the web.

I hope moving into the future, I am able to take the skills that I learned in this class and apply them into my professional life. I will be more reflective on the brand I am personally trying to evoke to others. I will have courage to feel vulnerability. I will be more balanced in work because of the level of efficiency and quickness this course has helped me realize that I can work at.

Yay We Are Done: The late nights that this course caused me to work through has made my skin tougher and my brain smarter. Not only was I able to work on my hard skills through branding, but the soft skills that will help me exceed and persevere through life’s hardships. I look forward to using the things that I have learned in this course and applying them to life.

(p.s. Thanks Allison for everything this semester!)


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