Today and Tomorrow

IMG_0952Next As summer and this class come to a close, I have grown both as a human and as a student preparing for the job search. I have learned a ton about being able to incorporate my personal voice and rhetoric into documents while still remaining professional. The most important lessons that i have taken from this class include establishing a brand identity while applying for positions and narrowing previous experiences down to those applicable for the application. My next step is to begin searching for positions that intrigue me and creating resumes and cover letters that stand out to the employer and fit necessary guidelines require to be taken seriously. I have both failed and succeeded in this class which has lead to tremendous growth in my writing and style. I will remain authentic with humor and wit in my writing and continue to strengthen it in other classes I will take. I will also get right to the point in order to keep employers interested. I also hope to apply the creative lessons that I was taught in design to future endeavors.

Myself This experience built on my ability to portray myself and my goals and accomplishments. The brand exercises that we participated in were a great warm-up when applying for jobs. I learned through our group project that startups are very interested in uniqueness which made this route even more attractive for me. I had yet to really think hard about the route I was hoping to take with my degree and this class opened me up to researching positions that are creative and on track with my degree. In writing, I was able to stay true to myself, especially in blog posts, while fulfilling professional requirements in order to receive a grade. These assignments were very helpful for me and allowed me to maintain my voice in order to draw in readers.

Style Going into this class, there were various parts of my writing that I did not care for. However, I have learned to appreciate my strengths and adapt to my weaknesses. An example of my style that I have grown to really like is my story telling ability. This was an underused skill of mine going into this class and several assignments called for personal experience and I enjoyed writing stories about them. Another thing that I discovered that I like about my writing style is my ability to maintain humor and voice, without distractive the reader/employer. This skill has allowed my writing to stand out. Overall, I really enjoyed this class and the process of feeling growth in my professional and personal writing. Going in, I knew that it was going to be difficult but with time management and effort my writing drastically improved which was exciting to see.

Excellence I was most impressed in my blog post and group project success. At first, I was turned off by the idea of the blog posts and use of a new website. However, after reading the prompts I was exciting to share my personal experiences and voice with the class and ended up excelling in this part of the semester. Our group was also extremely organized and we communicated well which allowed for us to succeed in aspects of our projects. My creative side also helped me with getting to learn a new website and create a presentation. Overall, I am very proud of my work and thankful that I was given the opportunity to grow as a student in this class.


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