Getting to Know 3040 and Beyond

Video Lecture
This set of videos (and audio) will help you get to know 3040 and Beyond a bit better. From understanding the high points of the syllabus to taking a look around our course resources and technologies, your intro to class is all here.

There’s about 2 hours of material to consume here, so you’ll probably need to do this in more than one sitting. Typically these lectures will not be so long, but this is a comprehensive “boot camp” in getting acquainted with our class.

After you get through the material, please head down to the comments section to ask a question. I will answer around 24 hours after the due date. Try to ask a question no one else has asked. Or if you need additional clarification for a similar question, you may ask that.

You are required to know all of the information in this lecture, so please pay attention carefully and take notes when needed.

Syllabus Audio (50 minutes)

I’ve created audio here, rather than a video so that you can listen while you do laundry, eat a snack or whatever, given the length of the track. Usually our audio/videos will not be so long, but the syllabus needs special attention.

D2l Tour (11 minutes)

Week 1 Schedule (and “How to Use the Course Schedule) (13 minutes)

How to read an Assignment Prompt (6 minutes)

Google Drive Tour (5 minutes)

WordPress Tour (6 minutes)

*Important Note: In Spring 2017 we will not be utilizing the comments feature of WordPress in any capacity other than to comment on Video Lectures. You are not required to comment on your classmates’ posts.

What is Lynda? (9 minutes)

How to use Lynda (7 minutes)


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38 thoughts on “Getting to Know 3040 and Beyond

  1. What’s the difference between data bases such as lynda and library research data bases such as ebsco host? Can I not find equal sources and uses for both?

    1. Hi Riley,

      First, Lynda isn’t a database for articles. It’s a library of video tutorials. So, while you can definitely reference a Lynda video in research if you like (the tutorials are created by experts), we’ll be using them as supplemental texts for this class. Instead of having you buy an expensive textbook, we’re using a resource that CU already gives you access to. The reason for this is that Lynda is full of professional advice that is current, vetted by industry professionals and used by a variety of people, not just people in business writing courses. That’s the limitation of business writing textbooks, they’re really only meant for one audience and tend to go out of date pretty quickly.

      Second, you’ll use library databases (like EBSCO) in your formal research project because again, CU has already paid for them and they provide access to reliable, vetted sources. Additionally, it is required by the state, CU and the Program for Writing and Rhetoric that a research component be integrated into this class. Using the databases that the library gives you access to is a continuation of what is taught in First Year Writing at CU and developing that knowledge is a component of this course.

      As for the aspect of your question about finding “equal sources and uses for both” — Yes, you could. In fact, I maintain that anyone can lean anything in this course on their own. There’s no need to take a college course to learn what I’m teaching. However, my role in this case is to do some sorting for you. I’ve curated the sources that I have based on reliability, accuracy, practicality, financial viability (I don’t want my students to incur further financial burden by taking this course), and lastly by requirement (by the aforementioned outside forces).

      That said, in your blog posts and research project you are given the freedom to find credible lay sources (meaning you can search the internet). We’ll have other reading about this later in the semester, but Purdue OWL has a quick guide to finding credible sources that you can peruse now.

      I hope this clarifies things for you.


    2. Hi Allison!
      I watched the video on how to add posts, but when I went to make my post I still felt like I had to figure out a lot of the specifics involved like adding the photo and adding links. Will there be any more instruction videos on the WordPress posts in the future? Assuming the posts will get more elaborate.

      1. Hi!
        I typically post a supplemental WordPress video with the Week 2 video, so as not to overwhelm with information in Week 1. But it sounds like you’ve figured out the basics.


  2. Allison, you mentioned that we will be creating our own personal websites, what will this entail and what are some uses for these sites in the future? Thanks! – Alec

    1. Alec,

      You can choose between a personal website and another digital branding assignment. There’s another video lecture devoted to that assignment and all your questions will be answered there or in the prompt (which you can view now in D2l Content).


  3. Hi Allison! The email listing weekly objectives for week 1 was very helpful. With that said, I was just wondering if you’re going to be emailing us weekly or if that was just an introduction of sorts?

    1. Jack-

      Email will slow after Week 1, as I primarily use D2L for announcements. However, while we have a lot of roster shifting there’s a slight delay in the system for getting folks added to D2l, so I email to make sure no one misses anything.


    1. Alula,

      Hi! No, there are not opportunities to drop assignments or for extra credit. We’ll focus on revision instead, as it prioritizes writing process. You can read more about the details of revision in the syllabus.


  4. Hi Allison,
    The lecture videos and audio were all extremely helpful. However, if we still need further clarification or help on certain assignments or topics what would be the best way to contact you?

  5. Hi Allison,

    Thank you for putting the video lectures up, they were helpful. I noticed that we are allowed to revise and resubmit our work. Will we be getting specific feedback for the work that we are allowed to revise, and is there any different grading on resubmission’s than original submissions?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Geoff,
      You’ll be graded using the rubric included with the assignment prompt. If you want to discuss your work in detail, I’m always happy to Skype. If you choose to revise, you will receive an entirely new grade. I don’t do any averaging or anything like that.


  6. Hi Allison,
    The videos were helpful, but there seemed to be fair amount of complicated information that seems could be easily missed or forgotten in the future. I know you said that it was overwhelming and became much easier, I was however wondering if D2L or the prompts would include reminders on the little things to ensure we know exactly what you’re looking for.

    1. Hi Will,
      You’re always free to go back and revisit information in the videos, as well as ask questions. All of the information in the videos is also included in the syllabus, course schedule and other written information in Course Content in D2L.


  7. Hi Allison! So if I need further help on our writing assignments is there a place on campus I can go to receive more help?

    1. Joana,
      If you’re looking for on campus help the Writing Center in the library is good for basic stuff. If you’re working on resumes, cover letters or LinkedIn profiles, I suggest you go to the Career Center.


  8. Hi Allison,
    The information you have provided for week one was well organized and easy to follow. I just had a quick question on the hyperlinks we are suppose to incorporate in our blog posts. Do these sites not have to be properly cited in a works cited or is the hyperlink we provide in the blog post act as a informal works cited. Just a little confused on how or what sites we should use for these links.

    1. Hi!
      No, we’re practicing writing for the web (in part) in our blog posts, so the articles you link should be readily available lay sources (meaning that they are credible, but informal) that you can link. So no citations, your link “proves” where you got the info from.


  9. Hi Allison,

    In your video part 1 regarding Lynda, you mention LinkedIn being in connection with the website of videos; has any potential employer questioned your knowledge of a specific skill in which you obtained from Lynda?

    1. Cameron,
      I’ve had my job for years, so I’ve never been asked specifically about things I’ve learned on Lynda. However, you can learn everything from advanced Excel skills to Adobe platforms to coding, so there’s literally hundreds of concrete, professional skills to learn on Lynda. In terms of do I know if employers ask about the things you list as skills on resumes? It depends on how important it is to them and to the job they’re interviewing for. In my experience working with folks who are job seekers, if a skill is important enough it may be asked after.


  10. Hi Allison,
    I have my word press all set up but Its not saying im in your site so I just want to know how to get in your site and how to get out of the one im in now?

  11. Hi Allison,
    After watching all of the instructional videos, I was wondering what our primary platform for posting and submitting our work would be? Are we mainly posting all of our blogs and other work to WordPress, or will we be submitting some blogs and work to D2L as well?

    Thanks, Noah

    1. Hi Noah,
      We’ll be using 3040 and Beyond for your blog posts, but all other work will be submitted through D2L, though we will be using a variety of tools to create our work.

      I hope that makes sense — tell me if it doesn’t!


  12. Hi Allison,
    The videos were very helpful! However, I wanted to know if you would be posting responses to our blogs, and if so where would you post/send them to?


  13. Hi there Allison,

    I personally had not heard of Lynda before today but am really excited about the potential for growth it provides. Would you say that the certifications through Lynda are pretty recognizable and respected? Im just curious as to whether applicable certifications in a significantly competitive hiring process would serve as a real difference maker. Thanks!


    1. Hi Daniel,
      The certificates are very new, so I don’t have a sense of how they’re being perceived. I do think that people who value LinkedIn will value the credibility and Lynda is getting to be fairly well known as a great resource to gain valuable workplace skills. Lots of workplaces use it for training videos and professional development. It’s a little different than something like Skillshare (which has a similar format) in that it really focuses on professional skills and skill sets, so I think it’s seen as a bit more “serious” than other tutorial libraries. Companies like Adobe even use some of the Lynda tutorials in their own support material.

      – A

  14. Hi Allison,
    Your videos really helped me sort through all of this information and understand what is expected of me in this course. When it comes to the required readings, are these something that we need to reference in the assignments they are associated with, or are these more of a guideline for how we should be writing? Overall, what would you like us to get out of these readings?

    Thank you,
    Emily Arrick

    1. Emily,
      What a great question! I would say that the readings give you a more “well rounded” sense of the information you need to complete the assignment. Will every reading 100% directly apply to every aspect of the assignment? No, but it will give you a sense of the conversations surrounding these types of writing, as well as provide some guidance about a skill or style we’re trying to master.


  15. Hi Allison!
    I’m a little late, but still felt I should leave a comment. Our blog posts all involve using at least one fair use image. Would you prefer that we obtain images off of the internet or is it ok to use our own work?

  16. Hi Allison,
    I apologize for the late post! You mentiond how widely used wordpress is and that we will be creating our own websites at some point in the future. I was wondering if by the end of the course you believe we will have learned enough to add “Proficient in WordPress” to our resumes, or will we have just “scratched the surface” Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Brad,
      I would go with “Experience with WordPress.” Mostly because we’re using the free version and there’s no coding required. “Proficient” might lead someone to believe you have coding experience. Does that make sense?


  17. Hi Allison,
    The videos were all helpful for understanding how useful this class will be. As I’m probably the last person to comment pretty much everything I could of asked has already been answered. I am not the best with technology so if I ever need help with my WordPress is there anywhere on campus that would be able to help?

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