Introduce Yourself- Tyler Fleischer

Recognizable Me: My name is Tyler Fleischer; feel free to call me Ty, as a lot of my friends do. I am from a small town in northeast New Jersey, called Old Tappan. Old Tappan is about 25 minutes outside of New York City, where I inherently love to spend time. IMG_2805.JPGThe picture to the left is of me in Santorini, Greece from this past spring semester. I recently studied abroad in Barcelona for the Spring 2016 semester. As most people do, I traveled around all of Europe for those four months, including several different places in Greece. If you get the chance, check out some awesome pictures of Santorini, and other Greek islands. Back home in New Jersey, I love to go to the beach. I live about an hour from the shore, so it makes for some nice day trips throughout the summer. I have also been snowboarding my whole life. Throughout my childhood, my family and I would spend much of the winter in the mountains of Vermont. My favorite Vermont mountain is Stratton, where we spent the most time skiing, however, I also do enjoy other mountains such as Okemo and Killington. Nonetheless, these mountains do not compare to the Rockies I am now spoiled with.

Where I’m At: This past summer, I lived at home while interning in New York City. I interned for Everlast, which is the most popular boxing and fitness equipment brand for over the past century. I held a sports marketing intern position, using social media and Word Press, as a matter of fact, to create content for our brand. I also attended several press conferences, workouts, and weigh-ins to support Everlast sponsored athletes. If you’re interested, check out the #TeamEverlast content site, and other Everlast social media, where I contributed to all summer. I am now a senior here at CU majoring in marketing.

What I Want: I hope to improve upon my writing skills throughout this semester. I enjoy writing blog posts and using my skills to my advantage, but I am aiming to become more professional in my writing, as this will help me in the near future. I want to have a job where I can incorporate my writing skills in a sports marketing environment. In most classes I have taken in the past, in high school and college, I have not entirely learned how to write in a business professional format. I hope to improve upon this during the semester.

Where to Find Me: Being in my last year at CU is a little bittersweet, however I am excited for my future. I am living on the hill in Boulder with several friends. You can usually find me at the Rec Center, as a big hobby of mine is fitness and exercise. You can also find me on the ski slopes, as I previously mentioned that I love to snowboard. My favorite mountain in Colorado is Vail, which I almost live at during the ski season, since I’m there so often. I am not from Colorado, but I enjoy everything that born and bread Coloradans are known for. Being outdoors, skiing, hiking, and fitness are my main hobbies. I like a mixture of different music genres, including rap and EDM styles. However, the one genre I cannot listen to is country. Lastly, I am a huge sports fan. I root for all my New York teams, including the Giants and Yankees. My family is also a New York Football Giants season ticket holder, so I have to say that more than any other sports team; I am a diehard Giants fan.


7 thoughts on “Introduce Yourself- Tyler Fleischer

    1. I’m looking to find a job back home, in the New York area. I’m not sure if you are aware of the difference, but where I am from is considered the Greater New York Area. The New England area is despised in my area (because of the intense sports rivalries with Boston).

  1. Hey Tyler,

    It sounds like sports marketing is what you want to do. Are you set on that, or do you just know that you want to do marketing in some form? Oh by the way, I’m a Cowboys fan, but I suppose we can get along.

    1. I definitely want to pursue sports marketing, it’s what I’m passionate about. Oh man, we will have a fun football season.

  2. Hey Tyler,
    I noticed you said you were from northeast New Jersey, a bunch of my family is from there as well! Are you familiar with the towns Ramsey and Mahwah? Also I have wanted to go to Santorini for a long time, it looks so beautiful. What was your favorite part about visiting there, is there anything you would recommend doing? Also I am from New England and am a big Patriots and Red Sox fan so I don’t really agree with who you root for!

  3. Wow!! My dream is to go to Santorini, Greece. Was it as beautiful as it is in all the photos in videos online?! Also, New York is such a cool city, I went for the first time this summer and was so overwhelmed.. but it was really amazing and busy. Also your internship sounded awesome, you probably say such a cool lifestyle people live that are supporters of that brand. Awesome post and your life sounds rad!

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