Introducing Myself

Recognizable Me: Hi there, I’m Jonathan Helm. Some people call me Jon, some people call me Perch, but I make everyone decide for themselves. I’ve definitely moved around a bit; I lived in Dallas for the first twelve years of my life, then Chicago for four, then Sao Paulo for two, and then finally I moved to Boulder to start college while my family moved back to Chicago. Speaking of which, the picture you see here is of me [middle] and my two younger siblings seeing Greensky BluegrFB_IMG_1472578787686ass in Milwaukee this past Spring Break.

Where I’m At: I lived at home doing a corporate finance internship for a food company last summer, but decided to stay in Boulder this time around. I spent my time taking classes and working as a waiter for a retirement community [I still do – it turned out to be an amazing job]. In the meantime, I’m starting my junior year as a finance major and working on my technical skills whenever possible so that I can land an internship for next summer.

For the time being I want to go into wealth management or financial services in some way, but there’s a lot of time for that to change. I do know, however, that corporate finance is not the way I want to go.

What I Want: I love writing and always have, but I don’t get many chances to use my creative side. I’m very much looking forward to applying my writing skills to the real world so that I can be better prepared for my professional life. Also, it looks like we will be doing lots of introspection and thinking about our future, which I’m excited for.

Where To Find Me: In my short time here I’ve already become a ski [snowboard] bum. I made it up around 25 times last season and I’m hoping I can beat that this time around. I bought the Rocky Mountain Super Pass this year to avoid the Vail Resorts crowds and I can’t wait to use it.

I’m also starting to mountain bike regularly and I try to get outside and hike or fly fish or do something whenever I can. The coolest trail I’ve been to is Betasso Preserve, which is only open to hikers from Wednesday to Saturday if anyone hasn’t been. You can also find me seeing live music; I can appreciate just about anything, but jammy music is definitely my favorite – I’ve seen Phish [America’s most loved and hated band] twenty times.

So this is me in a nutshell. I hate talking about myself, but feel free to ask questions. Oh yeah, here’s my LinkedIn. Let’s get our professional relationship started.


6 thoughts on “Introducing Myself

  1. Hi!! Just curious… where did the nickname Perch come from? That’s awesome you worked for a food company!! I love food and knowing where it comes from and the science behind it is sooo cool. Also, that is awesome you ski so much! I definitely wish that I had the time and commitment to skiing as much as it sounds like you do. Flyfishing is so awesome! I flyfish a lot in Oregon, I haven’t been flyfishing anywhere in Colorado yet tho, where is your favorite spot?

    1. My friends started calling me that freshman year because I had my own room in the dorms with a ledge you could perch on. Check out Boulder Canyon, it has a ton of good fly fishing spots as you head up it. I’ve also been to some cool places near Steamboat that I don’t remember the names of.

  2. Hi Jon!
    That’s crazy how much you moved around in such a short amount of time. Where was your favorite place to live? I have lived in the same town in New Hampshire for all of my life so I can’t imagine moving so often! I am a finance major as well in Leeds, I am currently very interested in corporate finance and possibly getting a job after I graduate in that field, what didn’t you like about your internship?

    1. Brazil was definitely the most unique but each place has its pros and cons. I found corporate finance, even though it’s an important business function, to be very monotonous. Obviously every job is going to involve a lot of work, but I like the idea of helping people and/or companies with their money.

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