Introducing myself

Recognizable me: Hi everyone!! My name is Ellery Hight. I am 20 years old and starting my junior year of college. This picture was taken in my beautiful hometown, Hood River, Oregon. Oregon is where I was born and raised. When you think of Oregon you probably are thinking what the heck is up there and doesn’t it just rain all the time? The answer is no. I live in a small town between Mount Hood and the Columbia River. When I was living at home full time, the winters consisted of skiing every minute of every day and in the summers I kite board and spend every second of the day outside enjoying the sunshine and tacos by the beach. All my life physical activity has been a major priority because of all the opportunities my town provide for it to become an every day lifestyle. With that being said, I love physical activity and am a firm believer that it leads to a happier person that leads to a happier life. I want to be a person in someone’s life that can help them achiever their goals through fitness to help them become a better self for themselves. I am in school for physical therapy. In the spring I will be taking my ACE personal training exam to hopefully land a job at the CU rec center to help pay my way through my senior year of college, I am very excited about that.IMG_8413.JPG

Where I’m at: As I said I am from a small town in Hood River, Oregon and very proud to be from there, but my heart is in Colorado. My mom attending CU 20 years ago and my dad grew up in sunshine canyon. My parents moved my sister to Oregon when she was 3 and then we never left. My dad left when I was a sophomore in high school to move back to Boulder where he now works at our family hardware store; McGuckins. If you are living in Boulder, I am sure you have gotten a light bulb or something like that from my dad at some point. Being far away from my mom was not easy the first 2 years of college, but having my whole dads side of the family all at the store whenever I needed them made things a lot easier. As of right now I am at work in Boston, Massachusetts. In may of this year I moved all my stuff from Oregon all the way across the country to Boston, Massachusetts. Why did I do this? Good question. No, I did this because I fell in love with a boy in Boulder last year and thought moving for him would be a good idea. And it has been almost 4 months. It has been the best decision. I here and I only knew my boyfriend (who lived 30 minutes outside the city by the way) and my two roommates that I met on craigslist. I didn’t have a job and I was a small girl in a very big city. But that didn’t stop me. I went out and I found a fun job at a gym. I got to shadow a physical therapist while I was here and I got to see the side of sales that I have never really been exposed to. This summer taught me a lot about who I am and what my goals are in my future. School can only teach you so much, I think that real world experience is where you can really actually find out what you like and dislike and what you are good at and not so good at. Anyways, after this amazing summer in somewhere I can now call a piece of me I am on to the next adventure. Before school starts my boyfriend and I are road tripping across the country, to drop him off at school in LA. I am taking a semester away from Boulder to travel and do schooling online.

What I want: My parents have come from two very different lifestyles that have built them both to be who they are to day. I look up to both of them very much but in different ways. My mom grew up with a single mom, she moved to Colorado and paid for schooling on her own, working three jobs, and paid for living and all other every day life expenses. She worked very hard to get to where she is now. She lives a comfortable life and is really happy. My dad on the other hand, got a job and money for an education all handed to him from his parents starting when he was 14 years old. He went to college for 2 years and then dropped out to work at our family hardware store. I see him struggle every day. So I guess the saying “Money doesn’t buy you happiness” really is true after all. What I want in life is to work hard. I want to be able to be sitting in my house in 10 years or apartment or even a little shack on the beach that I built, and be able to say I am happy and content with what I have built for myself and happy with the life I am living. Money is important to be confortable and less stressed I think, so I definitely want that in my life and with my job in the future. My freshmen year of college I didn’t get the best grades. I was new to the whole living on my own thing and there are soooo many people at CU, you could meet over 20 new people every day if you wanted to. I loved it, but my priorities got a little mixed up.   What I want right now is to do well in school and graduate on time. I am going back to Boulder to live in the spring and take on campus classes, so hopefully I have my priorities all in line by then.

Where to find me:You will find me on a hike, at the gym, traveling the world, eating amazing food, grabbing coffee, doing yoga, on a bike ride, surfing in Mexico, skiing, you will find me anywhere that calls for adventure and something new. I am very bad at staying still and somewhere for long periods of time. I have grown to love change and exploring new parts of the world I have never seen before.







9 thoughts on “Introducing myself

  1. Ellery, it seems incredible that you’re doing all this traveling while taking online courses! After you drop your boyfriend off in LA, do you have any specific plans when traveling or are you planning on going where the wind takes you? Nice to meet you by the way 😉

    1. So nice to meet you!! 🙂 I am going to Hawaii in september, and Oaxaca, Mexico to work with an orphanage in november!!

  2. Hey Ellery, it’s interesting to hear about all your travels. I’m a big supporter of the active lifestyle you seem to enjoy as I love snowboarding and being outside as much as possible myself. By the way, McGuckins is an awesome store!

    1. Yes! An active lifestyle is always a really good thing 🙂 Yes, it is. It’s funny whenever I go in there it’s like a family reunion. The next time you are in look for my dad.. Robb Hight! He is a funny guy.

  3. Ellery. I really enjoyed your post. Ive never been to Oregon so it was nice to hear from someone who lives there about what it is really like. I think its really cool how active you are and I try to be as active as I can be. I really enjoyed your post, good job!

  4. Hi Ellery!
    I have always wanted to visit Oregon but you’re definitely right about people thinking that it just rains the entire time, because that is exactly what I thought! I am from a town in New Hampshire right near the Massachusetts border so I love spending the day or weekend in Boston, it is one of my favorite cities to visit! What has been your favorite part of living in the city?

  5. Hi Ellery! I loved your post, I too did not have the best grades when I first got to college. Finding a balance between social life, academia, and extracurriculars all while living on your own for the first time is so difficult. I hope to also focus more on my school work this semester and for the rest of my time at CU. Also, I am from New Hampshire, just 40 minutes outside of Boston! I think it is so awesome you moved out to Boston and took on that risk. Boston is an amazing city, I trying to visit as much as I can while I am on the east coast for the summer. Awesome post!

  6. Hi Ellery! I admire your ability to travel and be so independent! I definitely think by traveling you’re able to gain so many new characteristics, such an independence and a new cultural outlooks. I started traveling when I was young! My family moved to France when I was only a couple weeks old, I actually had my passport before I was even born. I hope you enjoy your adventures! Make sure to go to Gracias Madre if you can in LA! It’s my favorite restaurant! It’s vegan and Mexican, but doesn’t taste vegan at all! If you’re into healthy food, definitely check out Cafe Gratitude in Venice! Happy Traveling!

  7. Hey Ellery!

    That is awesome that you are so good at taking a leap of faith to go after what you really want to do. It is incredible how independent you are. I hope that with taking a semester off you can really get ahead in what you wanting to do. I know I follow you on instagram and all of your outdoorsy pictures are always so cute and make me want to get active outside! One of my best friends is from Boston and will never stop ranting about a restaurant called the SRV. She said is by far one of the best Italian places to eat in Boston. So if you get the chance definitely go check it out!

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