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Recognizable me: Hello class, my name is Chase Dickinson and I am from Greenwood Village Colorado. I am currently a senior at CU. It is very bittersweet going into my last year of college but I am exited to see what the world has to offer. I am a huge hockey fan and I love the Colorado Avalanche. Im also a big Broncos guy so Im very exited for those two teams to get their seasons underway soon. Here is a picture of me (on the right) and my friend Jake standing with former avalanche player Alex Tanguay.alex.jpg

Where Im at: This summer I was back home in Denver where I grew up. I got a job in Denver so it was nice to be at home and to have an internship close by. Im very passionate about Denver and I think Im going to want to stay here for a few years after college. Eventually I want to branch out and travel. I especially want to go to Europe because Ive never been so maybe that could be something to do this summer after college. I am currently in Boulder CO on the CU campus as I am taking class here. I really like Boulder even though its very different than Denver. Boulder is such a fun place and it offers so much to do and Im very happy I get to spend one more year here. Currently I do not have a job because my internship ended earlier this month but I am hoping to get a part time one soon.

What I want: From this class, I want to learn how to engage in learning online in the same way I do in my normal classes as well as learning about new and fun business ideas. I also want to learn to manage time efficiently and I think taking an online class will help me do this especially when there is a need to engage in the course everyday. I think time management is crucial in college and in the real world so I think if we can learn those skills in a class then it will be a success.

Where to find me: In my free time, I really enjoy going to the rec center and playing pick up basketball with my friends or playing intramural hockey. I love being active and spending as much time outdoors as possible. I love to play golf so I am a little sad that the nice weather is coming to an end. I used to be a big skier when I was younger but after too many injuries, I don’t really go up any more. You can also find me working on my fantasy football team and doing research for it. I also really enjoy hiking and going up to Gross reservoir witch is a little past flagstaff mountain. I think my favorite thing to do in the world is going boating no matter where it is. I love being on the water and I would love to own my own boat someday. My music tastes are all over the map as I really enjoy a lot of different genres. I would say that hip-hop, house and country music are my favorites. It all depends on where Im at and what Im doing.

Overall Im very exited to start the semester off and to go deep into the content of this class. I think there is a lot to learn and Im very exited to get started.

3 thoughts on “Post 1

  1. Hi Chase!!
    That’s awesome you are so into hockey! I haven’t had much experience with it since I grew up in Oregon, where it is not a popular sport at all out there. The last two years we got a crew together and played broom ball through CU… it was hilarious and I am sure nothing like hockey. I love golfing too! I always used to play with my dad when I was younger. Where is your favorite course you have played?

  2. Hi Chase!
    I am considering traveling through Europe when I graduate too! What countries are you interested in visiting? The two that I am most interested in seeing are Greece and Italy. My ideal trip would be to sail the Greek island because I love boating as well! I grew up with a lake house up north in New Hampshire, and one of my favorite things to do was boat around the lake. Where in Colorado do you usually boat?

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