Introduce Yourself

2015-07-31 12.54.59Recognizable me: Hello everyone! My name is JD Tulloch. I grew up in Parker, CO, a town a little over an hour southeast of Boulder, and have known since I was a child that Colorado is the place for me. Colorado is the perfect setting for all of my hobbies. These hobbies include snowboarding, camping/hiking/backpacking, as well as live music. During the summer months you can find me at Red Rocks the majority of the days, and during the winter months you can find me at Eldora, the only mountain I can afford to snowboard at these days. To have a place to ski or board within thirty minutes from house is great though, so I am not complaining. This picture was taken last summer during a backpacking trip on the Maroon Bells area near Aspen, CO. The peak I am pointing to is Capitol Peak, one of the most dangerous fourteeners to summit.

Where I am at: I am currently a junior here at CU Boulder studying finance, but ultimately hope to work in the music industry on the business side of things. I stayed up in Boulder this past summer, moving from an apartment to a house at the beginning of the month, which was exciting. I spent my summer working as well as taking one online summer class. I work at Rush Bowls on the hill so come visit me and grab a smoothie!

What I want: Out of this class I am really hoping to improve my writing and communication skills. I feel comfortable with my verbal communication skills, but my writing falls short of what I want it to be. I am excited to work on this art form, and hopefully come out a better and more interesting writer. Since so much of today’s communication takes place online, I think this class will be that much more relevant since it is taught entirely online.

Where to find me: As I stated before, you can find me at Red Rocks most of the summer. Live music really excites me, as does music in general. Last weekend I was up in Telluride, CO to see my favorite electronic artist, Pretty Lights, play a two night stand at the beautiful and historic Town Park venue. Combining two of my favorite hobbies, camping and attending a concert, made for an unforgettable weekend. Missing a full day of class on the first week of school was well worth it 🙂 I play the bass and guitar and really enjoy meeting new people to play with. If anyone reading this would like to jam sometime, don’t hesitate to reach out! When I am not in school or at work, I am usually playing some music, going for a hike, or just enjoying nature with some friends or by myself. Being in nature, isolated from large groups of people, is where I find my inner peace.  I look forward to getting to know you guys through this virtual classroom!




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