Introduce Yourself (Ohhkayyyy!)

Recognizable Me: Hello one and all. My name is Megan Buckingham and you can call me MegBuck, Buck, as long as it’s not Meg… Because that reminds me of the one everyone hates in Family Guy. No I’m not royalty- but feel free to treat as such. Just kidding.. But still not opposed.

IMG_0497I was born in Denver, Colorado and have lived in Centennial all of my life. However, I’m not too much of a Colorado girl. I travel during breaks to surf and unfortunately have only been skiing once when I was five. My dad was known for skiing, so
I sorta wanted to do my own thing. I’m a huge city girl and except to move to Los Angeles as soon as I graduate. I even plan to take on New York later in my life, but that’s a little far ahead.

The picture I posted is me in Chicago for Lollapalooza. By the way, I’m the girl on the left and not the angry one storming across the picture. I LOVE music festivals and traveling with my friends.

Where I’m At: Speaking of loving to travel, for all of July I traveled to New York for my birthday, Costa Rica for surfing, Chicago for a music festival, and Madison to visit a friend! I also spent the month of June taking two Marketing courses and the rest of summer was filled in with work.

I work at the Rio Grande as a server and cocktail waitress. Unfortunately, I’m only 20 years old, so no I haven’t tried our nationally famous Rio Grande Margaritas. Before work comes school, of course. I’m a Business student at the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in Marketing and Operations Management. I’m also receiving my Technology, Arts, and Media Certificate through the school and earning a Real Estate outside of school… Can you tell I can’t decide what I want to be yet.

What I Want: I want to become more creative AND professional in my writing, since that is extremely important in the business world. I know I need to improve not only on my writing skills, but I also need to improve on my flexibility regarding experience. For example, I may be a Millennial but WordPress terrified me when I first opened it. I hope this class can get me more comfortable with any type of document or post I need to accomplish.

Where to Find Me: You can usually find me wandering around on the Hill since I live there. Aside from that, my second home is Kappa Kappa Gamma, not for the sorority aspect but because we have a dangerously incredible chef. I love to work out at the Rec and am a loyal member of Corepower Yoga. Where I’m eating is a toss up because I swing from my beloved McDonald’s to Vegan restaurants like Zeal in the matter of hours.

I’m not too much of an outdoorsy person; however, I’m down to kick my butt on the Sanitas hike or drive up for a good view of the Flatties. Like I mentioned before, cities and the beach seem to be my calling, but I’ll always be proud to say that I had a view of the Rocky Mountains growing up.

A couple last things about me are that I love to be silly and have fun, but I take school and work extremely seriously. If anyone ever needs a study buddy for a course currently or some Quizlet notecards for a previous class, I’m your girl. I’m super passionate about the marketing and management only, so come to me with an accounting question and you’ll probably be able to solve it better than I can. Welp that’s all; can’t wait to see what this class has in store!


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Business student just trying to write some sweet papers

6 thoughts on “Introduce Yourself (Ohhkayyyy!)

  1. Hey Megan, I really like your post. Im also from Centennial. Where did you go to high school? Also it seems like you’ve been able to do a lot of traveling so that makes me pretty jealous. Great post!

  2. Hey Megan,

    I think your view on being called Meg is hilarious. My sister is also named Megan, and anytime she annoys someone in our family we call her Meg and tell her to go outside. I hope your siblings are nice to you! I’m from Chicago originally, so I’ve been to Lollapolooza a bunch of times. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go this year because I was working here in Denver. I hope you enjoyed it!

  3. Hi Megan! I was actually at Lollapalooza too this year! My favorite performer was definitely Major Lazer, did you see them? I’m super jealous you work at the Rio because they’re food is so good. I get a chicken fajita almost every time I go there. I also love to travel too! I’ve been to 16 countries and counting so far and can’t wait to travel to more! I actually haven’t been to Costa Rica but have been dying to go. Hopefully somewhere in the future!

    1. I’m so jealous you guys went to Lolla!! My best friend went and had such an awesome time. I definitely need to make it out there one of these summers. I saw Major Lazer at a music festival in Washington and they were so good! Also so jealous of your chef at Kappa! Kappa brunch is seriously the best. And the Rio is by far my favorite Mexican restaurant in Boulder. Have you ever done one of the core power yoga classes on the rooftop of the Rio? Earlier this summer I heard that they have classes there on Sundays sometimes. You get a free margarita after too!

  4. Hi Megan!

    Thanks so much for clarifying which one you are in the picture of you at Lollapalooza! I would hope that you would be the happy one skipping around from concert to concert. Who was the best performance you saw there? Oh and also, please tell me that you had a traditional Chicago dog from one of the street vendors? Aside from Chicago food, you also like Zeal in Boulder?! That is by far my FAVORITE place to go eat. If you ever need someone to go feast with at Zeal, you know you can always contact me.

  5. Hey Megan! I have actually found that most natives that I meet have never skied or snowboarded before; quite interesting. I am a city boy myself but I have some country roots as well. I went to Bonnaroo for the first time this last summer and I can undoubtedly say it was a life changing experience.

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