Introduce Yourself – Sara Thawerbhoy

Recognizable Me: Yooooo! My name is Sara Thawerbhoy and I was born and raised in Southern California.  I am finishing up my degree in Psychology and have a certificate in technology arts and media.  I love to do anything and everything outdoors.  I was raised near the beach and spent most of my time growing up out in the ocean surfing.  I also love to snowboard which is why I chose to move to Colorado for school.  I love to trave13442680_10209125910046756_7603022754106397204_ol and have already been lucky enough to spend time in Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, and Ireland! I want to eventually move to Australia or Bali for a little to spend more time surfing and getting to know the different areas.  I’m an easy going person and  stoked on life!

Where I am: I have spent the last four years going to school at CU and just recently moved back to California to work and save up money while I finish up these last couple of credit hours.  This summer I was in living in Boulder, Colorado taking some more classes, working, and exploring all of its beauty one last time! In January I will be flying out to South Africa for an epic surf road trip up the coast starting in Capetown and ending in Durban.  After that I am hoping to work abroad for a few months before I head back to the states to break into the Advertising world!

What I want:  What I really want is to improve the overall quality of my writing.  I have always found writing to be enjoyable but I have never been too great at making myself sound professional.  I want to work on my professional writing voice but also want to keep it personal to who I am as a person.  I also want to improve my computer skills and online communication as this is a huge part of todays society.  In addition to this I want to work on and improve my resume.

Where to Find Me:  If I am not at work you can find me hiking up the canyon behind my house or somewhere near the beach!  If my brother is in town you can find me scaling up the side of a mountain, scared out of my mind of course.  I recently spent five days road tripping from Colorado to California and got to spend a good amount of time exploring around national parks like the Grand canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Moab – hopefully more of my free time can go to excursions like that! If I’m not outside I am at one of my favorite gyms – Orange Theory Fitness  or Ultimate Fitness Breakthrough in Pasadena.  If all else fails you best believe I am curled up on the couch binge watching Netflix.




One thought on “Introduce Yourself – Sara Thawerbhoy

  1. Hi Sara! I loved your post, I am so jealous you have traveled so much. I have always wanted to see Bali as well as Australia and hope to visit them both in the near future. I also have similar goals for the class, I have always found a liking for writing except for in a business or professional frame. I too want to be able to write more professionally but still show my voice through it and I think that this course will be the perfect opportunity to do so. Great post!

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