Introducing Yourself- Call me Lo

Recognizable You: Hello Everyone! My name is Laurel but people call me Lo. Im 20 years old going into my junior year studying Marketing and Management with a certificate in Technology Arts and Media.  I was born in Colorado Springs and lived there my whole life. Same house, same room, same everything. My family has been in Colorado for almost 150 years so when I say i’m a native, i’m actually a native. I absolutely love to be outdoors. I have been skiing since I was three years old and usually rack up quite a few ski days during the season. I was born and raised in the mountains so when I need peace I know I can find it on the top of a snowcapped mountain or beside a high alpine lake. John Denver says in his song “Rocky Mountain High” that the mountains are a place to “talk to God and listen to his casual reply”. Nothing makes me happier than that. Books, Im addicted to them. I will pull all nighters to finish one, which is saying a lot cause I love my sleep. I have probably read 100 books in my lifetime. My philosophy is the longer the book the better. There is a quote that says “a person who reads lives a thousands live, but a person who does not read only lives one.” There is a lot more to me than just a paragraph but this a good sum of me. IMG_0721

Where Am I At? I lived in Boulder this summer soaking up the sunshine, camping and hiking all over Colorado. I worked two jobs this summer, one being a bartender at a wedding venue and the other one being a marketing intern at a start-up on Pearl St. called VictorOps. I am still interning at VictorOps and I really enjoy going in everyday. It does make me very busy because I am taking 18 credit hours, working 20 hours a week and volunteering 12 hours a week. Life is crazy but I love it!

What Do I Want? I want to be able to communicate in a professional manor to fellow colleagues and potential customers. I think its an extremely important skill to be able to communicate well because just like meeting someone in person you are making a first impression with your writing. I look forward to being challenged as well as learning life long skills.

Where Can You Find me? I am a Young Life College leader so I am doing a lot of event planning with that. I also work a lot like I stated before as well as i’m a full time student so you can find me at any of those places. Otherwise i’m usually outside causing trouble or going on an epic adventure. I enjoy spending time with my wonderful boyfriend who also loves adventuring with me. A lot of the time we look for cheap airplane tickets and then we jump on a plane and travel to a new place spending the least amount of money we can. So it may be hard to find me but I like living life like that. We only get one life to live so lets try and do as much as we can.



6 thoughts on “Introducing Yourself- Call me Lo

  1. Hey Lo,
    Sounds like you love the busy lifestyle, wow. I am also a marketing major and have completed the Technology Arts and Media certificate. At your internship with VictorOps, what types of marketing are you involved in?

    1. Its a technical company so I mostly do data analysis. So lots of working with excel but sometimes I help with events which I think is far more fascinating!

  2. Hi Lo!!
    You sounds like an adventurous and awesome girl. I definitely agree that a way to just clear your mind and relax is in the woods. I grew up in a mountain town as well and there is something special about the mountains and the community that makes it so homey and peaceful. Also I listened to John Denver my whole childhood… that is amazing that you like him, not many people know the importance of that music and what the words actually mean. so that is super awesome! I am really into marketing as well, I am going down the pre med track.. but definitely wish I was doing something with marketing, as you said communication skills is very important.

    1. Medicine is really important though. I wish i wasnt so squeamish. My boyfriend is going through the med school app process and its crazy so my hat goes off to you. My parents love John Denver so I constantly listen to it and I freaking love him.

  3. Hey Lo!
    That’s crazy how long your family has been in Colorado but really cool as well. I have some friends that go to school in Colorado Springs but live in the Black Forest and I love visiting them there its so beautiful! I am studying marketing as well at Leeds. Is there anything in particular you would like to do in marketing after you graduate? Also do you prefer marketing or management over the other?

    1. I prefer marketing but I think management skills are extremely important. Do they go to UCCS or are they still in high school? I grew up about 20 min away from black forest towards Pikes Peak but I know the high schools around there.

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