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Recognizable you:  Hi everyone! My name is Rose Badu, but my family calls me Happy because I am the only girl in five boys. I am the second youngest; I have a little brother who recently started college.  You can call me Rose; as long as you don’t call me by my family name, we will be just fine. I am senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying Accounting. I was born and made in Ghana. To remind some or most of you where and what Ghana is, Ghana is the country that constantly defeated the USA’s happiness during World Cups.  Sorry not sorry. I moved to the United States at the age of 10 to continue my education. I have ambitions of travelling but I haven’t travelled outside of Colorado since I moved here. I just love to dream… don’t judge. Fun fact: I was going to do study abroad last spring semester in Paris, but I decided against it due to the terrorist attacks that happened.

Where you’re at: After finals last, I took two days off to release all my exam stress, and then I started a full time job because a girl’s gotta eat. I took one summer class and that’s about it. I didn’t much else besides work. I did some hiking and camping with friends and nights outs on Pearl Street. This summer, however, was one of the craziest summer for me because I almost died. Some lady hit me off of my bike with her car. Thank God she was moving slow or I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this. Everything was fine; I didn’t have any broken bones or concussions.  It’s unfortunate that my most memorable moment about my summer was terrible, but I’m grateful that the accident wasn’t serious and it didn’t cause any damage to me.

What I want: I am honestly not very good at writing. I am hoping this class will help me get comfortable with writing and also help improve my grammar skills. After reading the syllabus, I am really looking forward the class and all the exciting things it will bring to my future, especially career wise. I like that we going to be doing all the career things mentioned in the syllabus that leads to finding jobs. Writing is a very important aspect of productive work. It helps us to be creative and communicate things we do. As a sub-par writer, I am nervous but as a potential learner, I am very ready for all the challenges this class is going to bring.

Where to find you: I live in Boulder, Colorado at Bear Creek Apartments and, trust me, I am not happy about it because it is ridiculously expensive. I am only living here because they allow us to put the rent bills on our tuition, so we don’t have to worry about paying rent every month. I use social media like Facebook and Instagram but mostly Facebook. In my free time, if I am not sleeping, then I will probably be watching Netflix. I don’t go out very often in my free time; I just go out occasionally. I listen to all kinds of music’s from different countries. For example, I enjoy Indian, Korean, African music, etc.….  I love listening to them even though I understand do not always understand what is being said. It brings me happiness. I don’t hike a lot because I am terrified of heights but that doesn’t mean I don’t try at all because I do! I just don’t do the crazy stuff most people do. I’ve watched many good movies but the most recent one was Star Trek Beyond. Seriously, go watch it if you haven’t because it was really good. You won’t be disappointed.


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