Blog Post 1: Introduce Yourself

Recognizable Me: Hi everyone, my name is Justin. I’m from Ringwood, NJ. Ringwood isn’t your typical New Jersey suburb; it’s off the beaten path, up in the woods. The massive state park in our town has an entrance at the end of my cul-de-sac and it is because of this that most of my days after school and during the summer were spent hiking and searching for hidden ponds to go fishing in.

14115614_1439606992719625_3754841333047164125_o (1)[This picture is of me this summer, back stage at Vertex Music Festival in Buena Vista, CO.]

Although Ringwood is absolutely beautiful and I truly did love growing up there, my dream was to always leave and never look back. My first spot post-Ringwood was up in Burlington where I spent a year at UVM. I wasn’t quite ready for the brutal winter and subsequently transferred to The U (the University of Miami) the following year. Miami was paradise but it too was not the place for me. After 3 semesters I went home to take a semester off school and save up some money. Once this past May rolled along I packed my car up and drove out to Boulder, CO where I rode the couch for a couple of months. I currently reside in Golden, CO and I couldn’t be more in love.

Where I’m at: As I said before, I spent this summer couch surfing in Boulder before moving into my house in Golden at the beginning of August. Pretty much every weekend was spent at Red Rocks, some music festival or camping. I am very fortunate to work from my computer as a health information associate. It makes traveling around to different music festivals possible for me. Now that I am back in school at CU, I’m hoping to finish up my Economics degree within the next 2 years. After that I plan on moving up into Summit County.

What I want: Through attending this class, I would like to continue honing my writing skills. Most importantly, my rhetoric needs improvement. I also would like to learn more about selecting my audience and what the best methods of addressing them are. Writing in a business setting is just something I’m eager to learn more about because I know there is so much I still have to learn.

Where to find Me: My activities are totally relative to the time of the year. If it is a warm, summer day chances are I’ll be playing with my husky, Bruno, down by Boulder or Clear creek. If we’re in the dead of winter, you know I’ll be on the mountain Snowboarding or beer-bequing on the beach at A-Basin. Fall and spring are my favorite hiking seasons. I love reaching the peak of a mountain during fall and looking out on the sea of multi-colored leaves. And I feel like there is nothing like the air in springtime. It’s so fresh, breathing new life into all things living.

Because two Deadhead parents raised me, music has always been important to me. It truly feeds my soul. So anytime you notice a jam band playing in the area, chances are I’ll be there. Unless it’s Phish, I can’t stand Phish.


3 thoughts on “Blog Post 1: Introduce Yourself

  1. Hey Justin! It seems we both share an intense passion for music. I probably have seen you at Red Rocks or at various music festivals. Your distaste for Phish makes me wonder what your stance on The String Cheese Incident is 🙂 I spent this past summer interning for the record label they own, SCI Fidelity Records. If they are something you get down to we may have to meet up to listen to some tunes.

    1. I do love me some Cheese. I saw them for the first time last summer at Red Rocks when Twiddle opened. I haven’t seen them since but I am looking forward to 3 nights of Cheese at Hulaween. That’s awesome that you had the opportunity to intern for their label. Speaking of getting down, I’ll be at Tribe tomorrow. If you’re going we should meet up.

      1. Didn’t check this in time, I unfortunately was not at Tribe this weekend, couldn’t make it happen this year 😦 I hope you had a great time man!

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