Hello All, I’m Garrett


IMG_3278Recognize Me: Hello all, my name is Garrett Waltermire and I’m in my fourth and final year studying finance here at Boulder. I am from Castle Rock, Colorado around an hour down the road from the beautiful flatirons. I come from a family that originated in Colorado back when it became a state in 1876. As my family went down the line my grandparents on my Dad’s side met and married at CU back in the 1950’s. I figured I would carry on the spirit and stay here for school, although I may be bound for the bay area after I graduate.

Where I’m at: Currently I am back in Boulder, but I was gone all summer. First I was in Scotland exploring with my family and a friend on vacation. After I flew home to Colorado, I spent a day furiously getting ready to drive out to the Bay Area to start my summer internship at Morgan Stanley. I spent the summer living out in San Mateo (for those of you familiar with the bay) at my past roommate’s house. While out there I explored San Francisco, Las Angeles, and as many of the surrounding areas as I could to see if I would enjoy the area after graduating. It seems it has sucked me in, although stomaching the cost of living in California is no small task. Two weeks ago I packed the car back up, after I had finished my last day of work, and am now back in Boulder grinding out my second to last semester.

My goal is to get hired on full-time at Morgan Stanley after graduation back out in Palo Alto where I can learn more about the finance industry and what facet I would like to pursue as a career. Before heading out to work I am looking to take a final summer to enjoy Colorado and to take a month or two to travel. I haven’t fully decided on a destination yet, but I’m looking to explore before being holed up in a cubicle.

What I Want: Given it is required that I take this class as one of my final non-major specific requirement, I still am looking to get a lot out of this class. Being proficient at communicating in a clear and professional manner is an incredibly important skill. Within my past few summers participating in the business world, I have realized the scale to which it is used. Having concise but informative communications in writing is what ultimately get deals done in business, so the skills needed to perform this task will be my key takeaway.

Where to Find Me: In the summer you may find me on the golf course playing as many holes as I can before dark, and in the winter I am in the mountains skiing as IMG_1948 (1)many days as spend in Boulder. I try to golf when I can in Boulder, but I golf more at home where it gives me a nice excuse to go down and visit my parents for a weekend. As far as skiing, I have lived and
breathed it ever since I was very little. I would pass up nearly anything in the world to hit a nice powder day up in Vail.

When I find myself needing a bit of down time I like working on my project car (my only car) as it gets my mind off everything else. Over the past two years I bought my car a (Saab 9-2x) in York with a blown engine, and shipped it out to Colorado to begin the long process of rebuilding the engine and putting new parts into it. I have been fortunate to meet many friends who have taught me lots on how to install parts and go about making my car my own personal creation.  Unfortunately I seem to have picked up expensive hobbies, so they can only function when I have the money to support the habits. Otherwise, I like relaxing with friends and will never turn down a nice long hike.



5 thoughts on “Hello All, I’m Garrett

  1. Hi Garrett! I totally can relate to you on the whole California thing, I would die for an internship in LA or SF this summer. I’m from Madison, WI but always felt like I was a California girl living in a Midwest West area. I also love to ski and am a die hard Vail skier. I hate when people always say that Aspen or Breck has better skiing but it’s so untrue. My favorite run is either slot or headwall, I hope you’ve skied those! And if you haven’t, it’s a must for this upcoming winter!

    1. Nicole, I’m in full agreement that you cant beat Vail on a great snow day. I love Aspen and Breck, but they can’t hold a candle to a foot of fresh at Vail. Both headwall and slot are on my favorites list, but my top is the cornice and cliffs off of blue sky. I have too many great memories of sending it big off either when there is great snow. I’m looking forward to a great season as it may be my last for while if I end up getting a job out in California after graduating. For now we can both pray to the snow gods.

  2. Hey Garrett, I found the need to comment on your post after reading that you enjoy both skiing and golf. These are both a couple of my favorite activities, and in general, Colorado is a great place for both of them. Living in Boulder however, has made it tough to golf as much as I would like due to the fact that there are not many good courses close by. I actually grew up not too far from Castle Rock, and loved getting the opportunity to play at courses such as Fossil Trace, The Broadmoor, and Arrowhead to name a few. Where is your favorite place to golf?

    1. Colorado is definitely the place to do it! A few years back I skied in the morning, drove down to Castle Rock and played 18 just as it was getting dark. I have felt the struggle of not being able to golf a lot up in Boulder as well. Every once in a while I will hop on Flatirons or Colorado National, but they aren’t on the same caliber as those three listed. My favorite course may be my home course Castle Pines Country Club due to how challenging it is.

  3. Hey, Garrett! Thanks for the post, it’s nice to meet you. I actually live in Castle Rock myself! I study psychology and neuroscience myself but I really wish I had taken some finance classes. Lately I have been looking into investing in the stock market. The idea of it just sounds so enticing. Maybe I will give you a call for some help when you get hired up in California, which I am certain you will. I have been snowboarding for nearly 10 years now so maybe we could carpool this winter. Best of luck with your final year!

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