My Name is Andrew, What’s Yours?

Recognizable Me: Hello everybody! My name is Andrew Doan and I am currently a senior here at CU Boulder.  I was born in Pasadena, CA and grew up in a smaller suburb a couple miles down the road called San Marino.  My favorite part about growing up in San Marino is that it has a small-town feel but is located only a few miles outside of downtown LA, which was a pretty unique experience.  Here is a picture of me and my family on one of our most recent adventures to Mammoth Lakes, CA!


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Where I’m At:  This Summer was probably the most exciting but hectic of my life so far.  I spent the majority of my time doing various part-time jobs and an internship in the Greater Los Angeles area.  Between caddying for a week long amateur golf tournament in San Gabriel, working for a moving company in Irwindale, volunteering at an animal shelter in Pasadena, and a commercial real estate internship in Santa Monica, there was not too much time to relax on the beach like I had originally pictured.  It was an incredibly rewarding Summer but it has been really nice to get settled back in Boulder for my final year at CU (yikes).

This Spring, I will be graduating from Leeds School of Business with a degree in marketing and a real estate certificate.  It is incredibly hard to believe that I will be graduating in a few months but the breadth of knowledge and incredible professors that I have been exposed to at the business school has been invaluable for my growth as a student and person as a whole.  I am sad to be leaving but I will always look back with gratitude because of the great friends I made and lessons that were learned at the business school.

Currently, I do not have a job but I am beginning the process of looking for some part-time work.  I am not sure where I would like to work but I do know that I want to gain sales experience.  One of the common themes that I saw during my internship at Eastdil Secured is that the most successful employees came from a background in sales.  Being able to sell not just a product but also yourself is a unique but important skill, and I think that it will help me immensely in my job search after graduation.

What I want: What I want most out of this class is to grow and improve upon my style as a writer.  I have a good foundation to be a successful writer but my biggest weakness is that I lack a specific flow and style to my writing.  Two tangible goals that I have for this course is that I want to be more confident when I write and I want to get a better sense of what writer I would like to strive to become.  It is exciting to be a part of a class that focuses on “preparing students for the compositional aspect of a modern job market” because this is something that will be helpful in my job search this next Summer.

Where to Find Me: If you want to find me, you will probably find me hiking Chautaqua Park, playing golf with a few of my friends at the Flatirons Golf course, or possibly playing guitar on my front porch! I started playing last year for a course project in my Critical Leadership Skills class.  It started as a project but over time it involved into a much bigger part of my life and I am very happy now to just relax and try to learn something new! My favorite songs to learn are from my favorite bands The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Van Morrison.


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