Blog Post 1: Introduction

Recognizable me: Hello all! My name is Tom Moore, and I am currently a senior here at the University of Colorado, Boulder. After spending the past 3 years pursuing my degree in political science and a minor in business, I can happily say I am ready to see what life has in store for me outside in the real world. I just recently returned from studying abroad in Sydney, Australia and am still in the midst of a love affair with the land down under.IMG_9120

Although living 7,500 miles from the nearest United States border, Australians love to discuss Trump v. Clinton, and I have found solace in the fact that Americans have began to tune this out. This is among the few positive aspects I have found in returning, along with being able to see my friends again. My friends are my rock and you would not be able to recognise me without them around me.

Where I’m at: Although I do thoroughly enjoy living life at a mile above sea level, I am currently living in Southern California and taking a break from real school after returning from my study abroad program. Having been raised in a sleepy little beach town half way between Los Angeles and San Diego, I could not resist the temptation to take some time and move back to this coastal paradise. Within the next couple of months, I hope to find myself returning to Denver jump-starting my life in the post-undergraduate years. In the time frame immediately following graduation from CU, I am planning to return to Southeast Asia and spend some time traveling wherever the road may take me.

What I want: Let’s be real, you could say I am really only here to get an A and get those 3 credits on our transcript. Beyond moving towards getting that check on my degree audit, this class will hopefully teach me the importance of time management. I always thought that at this point in my college career I would know how to balance my social life with my academic life with my work life, but I find myself two semesters away from the real world and still have no such balance.

Through this class I also hope to refine my existing writing style, which is in dire need of refinement after becoming so used to informal slang language in the Australian culture. I also am excited for this class to begin to orient my train of thought more towards the career I hopefully find after graduation. They say that going to college prepares you for your life after college, but I still do not really feel like I am ready to tackle the job market. Hopefully this course can help me prepare for that grim reality.

Where to find me: When not working on classes and not at work, you would most likely find me under the umbrella on the beach or hiking in the foothills. Except on Sunday, if it’s Sunday I am probably enjoying bottomless brunch. I love brunch. Who does not love brunch? If I am not eating nor at the beach, you will likely find me driving. Most people from Southern California will adamantly protest driving and I guess I am one of the select few who enjoys my time behind the wheel. It not only allows me to listen to my favourite music, but it also gives me the thrill of hopefully ending up somewhere new. I may have spent around 18 of my 21 years of life in Southern California, but I still have yet to visit some of the quintessential California destinations.


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