Blog Post 1: Who Am I?

10478682_910253075656364_7783062899501489809_nRecognizable me: Hello, everyone! My name is Adan Huang. I’m a 22 year old Sagittarius. As you can already tell, I’m into astrology and numerology. I was born in a beautiful small town near the ocean in China. I moved to Houston, TX when I was 12 years old. In 2013, I made one of the best decisions of my life and moved to Boulder, CO. When people ask, I like to answer “home is where the heart is.” As of right now, home is Boulder. I fell in love with Boulder as soon as I moved there. I mean, how can anyone not? I love waking up to a white world, smelling the freshness of snow with a spectacular view of the mountains. I’ve gotten to meet people from all over the U.S. and the world in such a small town. As much as I love Boulder, I plan on moving to New York when I graduate. I will get to enjoy a fast paced city life while living closer to the ocean. For a dedicated seafood lover like me, the question of fresh oysters actually plays a factor in picking a place to live. Besides that, let’s be honest, Boulder doesn’t exactly have the best fashion sense.

Where I’m at: I’m a junior studying economics at CU Boulder. Over the summer, I began a marketing internship with a mobile app/website called 5miles in Beijing, China. This would be my first time being back in China in 10 years. It’s also the first time I get to live with my biological sister since I was 2. So I gladly welcomed the opportunity. Last month, I was asked to extend my time at 5miles with pay. Since CU offers online classes such as this class, I decided to take all online classes in order to stay in Beijing for the semester. Having to go to work from 10AM till 7PM four days a week, I consider this internship a job at the same time. The easiest way to describe 5miles is that it is a “mobile Craigslist.” So far, I’v gotten to work with online advertisement and digital marketing. Some projects that I’ve worked with include online social media contests and campus rep programs that intend to raise brand awareness and drive downloads.

What you want: What I want to learn in this class the most is professional writing. I’ve already had to deal with a lot of professional business writings at my internship, including emails, social media official account posts, and presentations. I also would like to meet some fellow students who plan on entering the business world. As the old saying would state, “you are who you surround yourself with.” I would love to improve my time management skills and self-motivation, two traits that I believe would help anyone go far in life.

Where to find you: My favorite things to do include jet skiing, attending concerts, and playing tennis. I recently started to skateboard which I also enjoy a lot. EDM is definitely my favorite type of music when I’m in the presence of others. When I’m alone, I enjoy some Everclear or The Beatles. My favorite movies are the ones that make you reassess the reality and the society, such as The Truman Show. I can’t stand a movie with an ending that’s easy to guess. Unlike most people, I thrive on change. Change has always been the constant in my life. As a Sagittarius, freedom and adventure are two most important things to me. Considering these combinations, it’s safe to say that you can find me at some of the most unexpected places.


7 thoughts on “Blog Post 1: Who Am I?

  1. Hello Adan! I think it is really cool that you moved from China straight to Houston. That must have been a very new experience coming straight from China to the Lone Star State. I have an uncle and cousins who live in Houston so I felt like I had to comment on your post! The internship that you completed this Summer sounded really interesting, congratulations on getting offered to continue with pay! I am also a marketing major so I would love to hear more about your experience. Good luck this semester!

  2. Hey! I love that you’re into astrology! One of my friends that I met my freshman year of college is super into astrology and she started to get me into it too! I don’t know a lot about Sagittarius’ though. I’m a taurus, and she is too, so it was really interesting to learn all about it. Now I try to read my horoscopes every day and it’s honestly SO WEIRD how accurate they can be. Especially the signs general characteristics can be so on point.

  3. Hello Adan,
    Which town in China are you from? I recently took a Geography of China course and became interested in the country and plan to travel there within the year. What was the transition like from China to Texas, it seems quite drastic. That’s such a great opportunity that you can live in China and still take courses through CU at the same time. Do you have a favorite Beatles album? I love George Harrison’s solo work after the Beatles split up.

  4. Hello Adan,
    I really enjoyed reading your post, It amazing how long it took you to go back to China. How was things? Did things felt different? Are you planning on going back again? I haven’t been to Ghana since I moved here, which was a long time ago. I have made plans to go visit when I graduate and I am really looking forward to it.

  5. Hello Adan,
    I really enjoyed reading your post, It amazing how long it took you to go back to China. How was things? Did things felt different? Are you planning on going back again? I haven’t been to Ghana since I moved here, which was a long time ago. I have made plans to go visit when I graduate and I am really looking forward to it. It’s good to know that you are enjoying skateboarding, I started learning last year but I gave up on it because it was too much for me.

  6. Hey Adan,
    Great post! Sounds like you have a lot of interesting things going on in your life. Have you ever been to New York before? I have always wanted to visit, and I have even been thinking about searching for a job there. I spent some time studying in London, and I loved the fast-paced energy of the city. Also, how was Beijing? My dad recently went on a business trip there, and he said it was an awesome experience.


  7. Hello Adan,
    Doing an internship abroad sounds like such an incredible adventure! I actually have my sights set on getting an internship in Japan this coming summer but don’t have a good idea of how one would go about doing so. How did you get yours? Do you know of any tips or tricks that helped you get in contact with the right people? How necessary is it that you do or do not speak the language?

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