Carissa Explains It All

Recognizable Me: Hi everyone, my name is Carissa Mann. I’m just going to dive into the pool of my very limited fun facts. I spent my first semester of college at The University of Nebraska in Lincoln and while I definitely wasn’t meant to stay there, I will continue to secretly rock my Huskers Cornhead forever. I have been at CU ever since then, and now I am heading into my Junior year. I’ve lived in Colorado for almost eight years now, but before that I had lived in seven different, and very boring,Processed with VSCO with g1 preset states. If I could describe myself in four words, they would be “peaked in high school,” which I’ve grown to have no problem with because now I have time to partake in my favorite activity: binge watching TV series (current show being Mr. Robot). My last fun fact is I’m vegan, but not the scary kind that doesn’t shower and thinks you worship Satan if you like to eat hamburgers. I even have a couple friends who still don’t know that I am vegan, and while I would say my “why I went vegan/vegetarian” story is pretty disappointing,  people are always so curious so I’ll share it here anyway: three years ago I watched a documentary that challenged people to go vegan for six weeks and I thought I would give it a whirl, and I never went back.

Where I’m At: Over the summer I was living primarily in Parker, Colorado where I was attempting (and terribly failing) to relive my glory days with the few friends from high school I had still living back home. When I wasn’t trying to hang out with every remaining Ponderosa High School alum, I was working at the same store I had worked at all of high school. Needless to say, I am so glad to be back here in Boulder and away from my desperate attempts at being sixteen again. I’m in the Leeds Business School here where I have been pursuing a major in Marketing. All of last year I was working at American Apparel on Pearl Street as the Assistant Manager which was easily the best real-world business experience I’ve ever had. Currently however, I am in search of a new job to pay the bills and make me feel like I am a real adult again.

What I Want: I am really hoping this class helps me get back to the level of writing I was at when taking my introductory English courses. It’s always so disheartening when I look back at old work and realize my writing skills have taken a dramatic hit (I blame my early-college twitter obsession). Writing is such an important means of communication and I’m sure from the several writing faux pas I have committed in this post, anyone reading it can tell I have some room for improvement. My goal for the end of this course is to not only be a better writer than I am now, but be the best communicator I have ever been.

Where to Find Me: If it were up to me, you would find me hiking in the mountains or at the beach but for now I’m living in the next best place, Boulder. When I’m not “Netflix and chilling” alone, you can usually find me in class or at the Kappa Kappa Gamma house sneaking in for lunch on the baked potato bar day. I would like to pretend that you would find me at the Student Rec Center pretty consistently, especially with how often I’m successful at sneaking a baked potato or four from my sorority, but right now I am hope that by the end of the semester it will be somewhere I frequent.


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