Hello There!

Recognizable Me: Hi everyone, my name is Curran Godfrey and I am a senior at the University of Colorado, Boulder – Leeds School of Business. I am a Colorado native and I was raised in the beautiful mountain town of Frisco, CO. With mountains literally right in my backyard, it was only natural for me to spend my weekends hiking tails iIMG_3157n summer and skiing the slopes in winter. When the natural beauty is all around you, it’s hard not to go outside and enjoy it! This picture was taken while I was hiking up to one of the flatirons this past summer. I am currently trying to complete all of Colorado’s 14’ers and have 6 under my belt so far. On the bright side, I only have 47 more of them to go!

Where I’m At: At the end of my highschool years, I knew I needed to pick a college to attend, and I wanted to stay in Colorado. Because of it’s similarities, Boulder has always reminded me of home and I couldn’t be happier to call myself a Buff! I commute to Boulder from Broomfield where I currently reside (rent is so much cheaper out here…). Like I had mentioned above, I attend the Leeds School of Business as a Finance major. Besides enjoying my time outdoors, I also enjoy spending my time watching today’s financial markets go up and down.

Personally, financial investments have always been something that have inspired and intrigued me at the same time. Being a thrill seeker might have something to do with my interests here in the investment side of finance. Knowing that you really never completely know what is going to happen when taking an investment is like an adventure; it keeps things interesting and gives me the “edge of your seat” type of feeling. While it may stress others out, I find it to be quite exciting.

What I’m Looking For: One of the biggest reasons that I am taking this class is because it represents an opportunity to benefit so much more than just learning the basics of successful business communication. With assignments that are purposely and carefully designed to establish and challenge our very own professional persona, I am confident that this class will go above (“and beyond”) other college classes; teaching us the vital skills that today’s business professionals look for in their employees. In other words, I am looking forward to the long-lasting benefits I can take advantage of by being a student in this class even after I graduate.

On a related note, I am also looking for a great social environment of students who are all actively engaged at wanting to improve themselves. Each helping the next out by pushing the boundaries of one’s knowledge, and each bringing our own talents and personalities along with us for the ride. Even though some of us won’t meet in real life, it will be nice to interact with all of you in a central, “virtual” location.

Where To Find Me: If I can’t be found climbing the peaks and the troughs of the Colorado mountains, than I probably am in the Bloomberg lab at Leeds following the peaks and the troughs of the markets instead. Every weekday I am on campus, and I know as the semester goes on, I will surely get that feeling like I spend more time there then I do anywhere else. Aside from my physical location, I can always be found on the wonderful worldwide web on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Feel free to reach out and connect with me as connections are everything! I look forward to meeting you all and can’t wait to be discussing all types of business matters here in this course. See you around!

15 thoughts on “Hello There!

  1. Hey Curran,

    That’s awesome that you aim to complete all of Colorado’s 14ers. Which 6 have you climbed so far? I also enjoy hiking and all other outdoor activities, however, I have never hiked a 14er. I’d really like to one day soon.

  2. Hey Curran,

    One of my roommates and good friends is from Frisco. We go up there for long weekends all of the time, and I love it. The town itself is a lot of fun, but the mountains around it are even more so. I love being up there in the winter, and the summer. It’s a great place to stay because you’re just a short drive from all of the mountains in summit county. I’ve been on some of my favorite hikes around that area in the summer as well. Maybe I’ll see you up there sometime!

    1. Hey Jack,

      I think it’s awesome that you have spent a good amount of time up there in Summit! People always ask me if I ever got tired of the mountains or the cold winters, but my answer was always no! You touched upon one of the best aspects of life up there, the fact that there is always an adventure to be a part of no matter the season. Nowadays, I call Boulder my “home away from home” since they are more or less similar in nature. Anyways, good luck with your semester and maybe we’ll run into each other on the side of a mountain!


  3. Hey Curran,

    We have so many Colorado natives in this class hailing from beautiful mountain towns. Frisco has been one of my favorites to visit since my parents took me as a young child. I am also a finance major, but am trailing you by a year. I would love to get together sometime and work on some finance homework, I love having a second perspective for work like that, as well as discuss your goals to conquer all 14ers as that is something I would love to accomplish as well. Good luck!

  4. I work at the Rio Grande on Walnut Street and EVERY SINGLE one of my bosses live in Broomfield for the same reason. The rent difference is truly shocking and only for about fifteen minutes for commuting according to them. Also, I’m in the Leeds School of Business as well, and my first major I declared was Finance until I realized I was horrible at it… So now I major in Operations Management and Marketing, a finance dream truly crushed for me.

  5. Curran,

    Despite the fact I’m a junior and have been in Boulder for 3 years, I have yet to climb a 14’er. I’ve planned several outings, but they’ve all been sidelined because of bad weather or injury. I definitely won’t get them all, but I’d like to climb a few before I graduate. I’m in the BASE class right now, but plan for finance to be my area of emphasis. Are you going after any certificates?

  6. Hey Curran,

    I love that you said that you are taking this class in hope of meeting individuals that are “actively engaged at wanting to improve themselves.” The constant desire to improve oneself is truly one of the most attractive traits. I also love that you are a thrill seeker who enjoys not knowing the exact outcome of an event. Where’s the fun during the process if the ending is already known? I changed my major to Economics last year also with the aim of the investment banking industry. Maybe we will cross paths in the industry later!


    1. Hey Adan,

      I couldn’t agree more! I am always trying to find new ways to improve myself and enhance my knowledge of all things. It’s good to hear from someone who shares those same values. Your right about the “thrill” in thrill seeking! Knowing everything that is going to happen ruins the excitement and enjoyment of those moments for sure. I want to work in investment banking or something similar to it as well. How are you enjoying economics? I’m sure we’ll eventually run into each other at some point. Meanwhile, enjoy your semester and good luck!


  7. Hey Curran!

    I think that is awesome that you are working towards hiking all of the 14ers in Colorado, that is one thing that has been on my bucket list for a few years now that I still have not done. I love your reasons for taking this class! The desire for self improvement is very admirable.


  8. Hi Curran!

    I grew up in the mountains as well (Glenwood Springs) and I would say we are both so lucky to have grown up in such beautiful places. That is incredible that you have taken advantage of doing so many 14ers. Have you done Mt. Sopris in Carbondale yet? A lot of my friends have done that and said it was amazing! That is also awesome that you are really into your major. Would you like to work on Wallstreet one day? That is the career path my dad took and he absolutely loved it. Hope you have a good semester!

  9. Hey Curran,
    I have a close friend who is also on a mission to compete all of Colorado’s 14’ers. Which one has been your favorite so far? My brother is also very into hiking and climbing, and I am starting to get into it myself. Would love to get some tips on some great Boulder hiking spots!


  10. Curran,
    Seems we are in the same boat as far as an interest in the markets. It’s incredible to try and get a read on what effects pricing. The fact that there is no right answer in how to interpret markets and make investments is part of what draws me into them. Happy investing, and I will probably see you in the Bloomberg lab as I spend a decent bit of time there as well.


  11. Hey Curran,
    I’m so jealous of all our classmates who grew up in these mountain towns! Hiking all the 14ers in Colorado is such an awesome goal, one of my really good friends has done that and it’s such a cool accomplishment. I am also a Leeds student so it’s always a relief knowing there are people who passed the same classes I am going through now.

  12. Hey Curran,

    Your goal to hike every 14er in Colorado is pretty ambitious but I am super jealous. I’m hoping you do a couple during this semester so that you can post pictures to the blog.

  13. Curran,
    I am 100% there with you on climbing every 14er in Colorado. I do have a fear of climbing Little Bear and Capital. As well as the “Killer Bells” aka the Maroon Bells but I know I will regret it if I don’t. There is no feeling like climbing a 14er. 1000 ft from the summit and your body says this is not what I was made for but your mind says I have come so far I must conquer this one. Its a whole other view from up there. Keep climbing, sky is not a limit.


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