Recognizable Me: Hello class, my name is Walter Kappler. I am 23 years old and am pursuing a degree in Political Science.  When I was 20, I took some time off from school and am now returning to finish my degree.  I spent the last few years doing internships at a major state political party learning how to run campaigns and a refugee resettlement agency, The African Community Center of Denver, doing case management work. Most of the clients I worked with were from Myanmar, the Horn of Africa and Iraq. I would love to continue working with refugee communities when I graduate.

I was born in Salt Lake City, UT and have lived around different parts of the country.  Throughout my life, I have lived in Utah, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and Colorado. In the spring of 2017, I am planning to move to the Pacific Northwest near the city of Bellingham, WA with my girlfriend of five years. It is a coastal city located between Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA.

Where I’m Located: Currently, I am living in Stapleton, a small suburb northeast of Denver. Last spring, I received a certification to teach English as a foreign language. When I graduate I hope to travel and teach in Southeast Asia. Myanmar or Indonesia would be my top two choices but any place where I can immerse myself in new cultures would be great! I would love to see most of the world if I am able to.14183771_1819769638258993_3850078390745374476_n

I spent this summer living in Wenatchee, WA with my uncle, aunt and two cousins and was able to see most of Central Washington. Leavenworth, Cashmere, and Chelan were some of my favorite towns in the area. Wenatchee is a small/mid-sized town with a huge agriculture sector and large migrant population. My aunt does mental health outreach work in the migrant living communities. It was fun to be in such a culturally diverse region. The attached photograph is from a family reunion they hosted earlier this month with the always pleasant Aunt Wendy. This fall, I am volunteering for a couple of candidate campaigns in the Denver area.

What I Want: In taking this course, I am hoping to expand my writing abilities and learn new ways of writing that will help me be successful wherever I land for my career after I graduate. I have always heard how important being a strong writer is wherever I have worked.  I was excited to learn that we would be using digital business tools such as LinkedIn and Lynda, which I think will contribute to development of skills necessary to land a job in the 21st century job market.

Where To Find Me: You can find me hunkered down studying for this class and other courses throughout most of the week. On weekends, I enjoy playing golf, visiting one of Denver’s fine breweries, trekking some trails, going on a camping trip or making music with my friends. Since moving to Denver, the five minute access to trailheads is what I’ll miss most about Boulder when I used to attend on-campus courses. The Anne U. White Trail was one of my favorites before the 2013 flood washed it out. It has been under repairs ever since.

This summer, my uncle got me into post-bop jazz artists like Pharoah Sanders, Miles Davis, Alice Coltrane, and the Sun Ra Arkestra. I also watched a documentary that introduced me to Afrobeat music which I am a big fan of now. I love watching movies and some of my favorites are Chinatown, The Conversation, There Will Be Blood, Apocalypse Now and Brazil.


7 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi Walter!

    I was immediately drawn into commenting on your post by the fact that you are a political science major and taking this class, much like I am! Your previous experience working with refugees also drew me in, as this is one of the many things that I have on my radar as a potential career further on down the road. On the topic of potentially teaching in Myanmar, I would highly suggest it! While abroad, I travelled a large portion of Southeast Asia and Myanmar and Vietnam were among my two favourite countries as there is so much culture to soak in!

    1. Hey toommooree (Sorry! I can’t find your first name/blogpost). That’s really cool that you’ve been to Southeast Asia. I can’t wait to try the food throughout the region. I am also highly interested in the architecture and language, especially how colonial influences remain in contemporary designs and languages. Have you traveled to any other faraway places in the world? Do you mind if I ask if you were doing anything other than just traveling in SEA?

  2. Hey Walter,

    How noble that you are getting involved with the refugee communities and wanting to teach in Asia. Our world needs more people like you! If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of campaigns have you been working on? I am quite intrigued by politics.

    Having visited China for the first time in 10 years, I can tell you that the cultural differences are drastic. These differences range from external characteristics such as language and clothing to internal characteristics such as mannerism and societal morals. It definitely forces you out of your comfort zone. However, I think that your adjustment would be easier considering that you study political science and have been more aware of the conditions in the rest of the world. I hope you get to fulfill your dream of teaching in southeast Asia!


    1. Hello Adan,
      I’ve mostly worked on candidate campaigns for people running for the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, and the President of the United States. I prefer not to say which candidates. That seems like quite a transition.

  3. Hello Walter!

    I really respect the fact that you and members of your family are so charitable. It is one thing to be passionate about an issue but having the courage to go out and try and change something for the better is incredibly admirable.

    Like yourself, I also love to golf! It is something that I am very passionate about and I always enjoy talking with people who share a love for the game. Sometime this semester maybe we could try and play!

    – Andrew Doan

  4. Hey Walter,

    It’s pretty cool that you’ve had the chance to live in a few different states. Which one has been your favorite? Since graduating high school, I’ve moved around a bit as well and I plan to keep moving after I finish classes at CU. I was also wondering what part of Jersey you lived in. Being from NJ I have a lot of jersey pride and am always interested about the different areas people live in NJ.

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