Recognizable me: Hi everyone! My name is Josh Smulowitz, and I was born in sunny San Diego, California. I grew up in a beach town called Carmel Valley, which is in the heart of suburban San Diego. The ocean was never more than five minutes away from me, and I grew up very accustomed to being near the coast at all times. Along with all of my friends, I spent every weekend at the beach surfing, swimming, and simply hanging out.


I have played soccer my whole life, and began playing guitar around the age of 8 as well. These two activities became major staples in my life, and I spent lots of my spare time practicing both. When injuries made it clear that playing college Soccer was not an option, I began focusing more of my time on music, however I still play Soccer on a regular basis.

San Diego rarely rains, and is usually 75 and sunny which meant that moving to Colorado was a very big change. I had never been able to spend prolonged amounts of time in the snow before I moved to Boulder, therefore being able to live in the snow has been a huge novelty for me. I still love being able to drive less than an hour to get to the mountains, and do so at every chance that I get.

Where I am at: I am currently a 20 year old junior at CU Boulder, where I am enrolled in the Leeds School of Business. I am majoring in marketing as well as pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship. I plan to eventually work in either real estate or marketing, and may even follow in my sisters footsteps by moving to New York after college. I do however plan on eventually moving back to San Diego.

What I want: During the course of this class I hope to improve my writing, while also learning how to apply my improved writing to business and other aspects of my life. I have always enjoyed writing, and love learning new skills and techniques to better my writing. Specifically, I would like to learn how to improve my persuasive writing, and ability to get my points across to the reader. This is something I have found myself struggling with in the past and therefore want to improve this aspect of my writing.

Where to find me: On a typical day, you can find me either in class, working out at the gym, studying at the library, or hanging out with friends. Like I previously stated, I love playing soccer and guitar, and I also really enjoy going to concerts, sports games and watching movies. Once winter comes around, you can find me skiing with friends as well, even though I’m still a beginner. During the summers, you can usually find me back home in San Diego where I soak up as much sun as possible, and usually work for CMG Financial as a marketing intern.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Hey Josh, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you a bit through your blog post. I have not spent a lot of time in San Diego, however I have visited a couple times. As you mentioned in your post, I loved the weather, and having the opportunity to simply enjoy life while hanging out on the beach. As of lately, I have been watching a lot more soccer. Do you prefer to follow international or or club teams more? I do not have a real connection to any of the teams in the Champions League, however I find myself watching a good mixture of both recently.

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