Recognizable Me: Hello everyone, my name is Cole Buller. Im originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba which is in Canada (right above North Dakota). I played hockey in Canada all the time, and loved it there but then I had to move because of my dads business, so we ended up moving to Colorado Springs (about 2 hours away from Boulder). I stayed there until i got accepted into CU, and decided to try things out there.

Where Im At: I am currently living in Boulder, Colorado studying at the Leeds School Of Business. I am studying Finance, and Real estate and hoping to find an internship/ job in the near future in finance. This is my third year at this school, so I’m hoping to study abroad for the second semester of this year. I love to travel and I want to experience living in a new diverse atmosphere, so this should be a great experience. So far I am thinking of going somewhere in South America like Argentina, or Chile, or maybe head over somewhere in Europe.

What Im Looking For: I am looking to really make the most out of my last two years of school here in Boulder. I am very focussed on my learning, and making sure that I can acquire as much knowledge as possible in the fields I am trying to go into. I am hoping to find a good position in finance in 2018 once I graduate that has something to do with investing. I found that this is one of my passions within my schooling and something that I want to consistently learn about. I am also studying real estate because I find the real estate market, and everything about this subject to be very interesting to me.

Where To Find Me: Im a very hyper, and enthusiastic person so I enjoy doing tons of different activities, and Im not usually too inactive in my life. I love activities that involve being outside like snowboarding, lake sports like wake boarding, golf and plenty of other things. I also really enjoy traveling and exploring new places of Colorado and the world. Last summer I traveled to Thailand and ended up staying there for a month and a half, which was one of the best experiences of my life! I truly love experiencing everything the world has to offer by going to new places and always trying new things.


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Im currently a junior at the Leeds school of business, studying finance and real estate. I live in Boulder, and I love staying active by doing any type of physical activity or just hanging out with friends.

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