Living the Dream Since 1995

FullSizeRenderRecognizable Me: My name is Cole Bunn. I grew up in Iowa, where I began swimming competitively at an early age. Eventually my background in swimming led me to triathlon. Both swimming and triathlon have given me the opportunity to travel to some amazing places to compete and have help satiated my competitive nature. Now, I’m a 20-year-old junior at the Leeds School of Business working on a dual emphasis in Finance and Accounting.

Two groups that I’m part of on campus take up the majority of my time, Naval ROTC and the CU Triathlon Team. I’ve always wanted to serve in the military. Having the opportunity to interact with other Midshipmen in NROTC and active duty members in the fleet have confirmed this desire. Regardless of where ever one ends up working, it’s the people that make an organization great. When I graduate, I’ll be commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy and ideally head to Coronado, CA, for training in my assigned warfare community.

As for the CU Triathlon Team, they’re the primary reason why I came to Boulder for school. Boulder is the Mecca of endurance sports and the Tri Team provides a perfect environment and support network to facilitate training. As a result, the team has won 7 consecutive National Championships, and I’m proud to say that I’ve contributed toward recent success.

Where I’m At: As I write, I’m sitting in greatest state in all of the U.S., Colorado. Specifically, I’m in Boulder where I spend most of my time training for triathlon and for my career in the Navy. While I grew up in the cornfields of Iowa, the mountains of Colorado feel more like home to me. Being active and outdoors oriented, the lifestyle of your “typical” Coloradoan fits me much more than the lifestyle of a “typical” Iowan.

Over the summer, I spent time in Pearl Harbor doing active-duty training with Navy. Most of my time in Pearl Harbor wasn’t actually spent “in” Pearl Harbor; it was spent underway on a nuclear-powered fast attack submarine learning first hand about life on submarines and the mission capabilities of the US Sub Force. I wasn’t a fan of sub life. Everything is packed tightly together; you’re constantly running into or hitting something and there’s not room to do any real workouts. However, before we went underway, I went SCUBA diving off of several wrecks in the waters around Oahu, which was definitely the highlight of my summer.

What I Want: Using technology and navigating the Internet isn’t my strong suit. That being said, I’m excited to learn how to navigate the blog and how to set up a LinkedIn profile. Since most of my writing takes the form of Letters of Instruction (LOIs), after action reports, and emails in a military environment along with academic research papers for other classes, it tends to get a little dry and stuffy. I’m looking forward to learning to write in a more casual, personable tone. The military is a people business, especially as an officer and a leader, which makes confident, personable communication important. From the professional, dry tone of an LOI to the personable, light-hearted tone of this blog post, being able to communicate confidently and comfortable in various setting will allow me to be more persuasive as a leader and open more opportunities throughout my career.

FullSizeRender copyWhere to Find Me: Typically you’ll find me perched on the side of mountain as a result of my hiking, climbing, and skiing or cruising roads and single track trails of Boulder County by bike. However, I haven’t been able to spend much in the mountains or on my bike recently because of the stress fracture in my tibia I’m trying to nurse back to health. As a result, I’ve spent the past several weeks getting back to my roots in swimming in order to stay somewhat active. The stress fracture should be healed and ready to go by mid-September, which will give me just enough time to get in a couple good hikes and mountain bike rides before snow starts to fall in the mountains and the excitement of ski season begins.

4 thoughts on “Living the Dream Since 1995

  1. Hi Cole,
    I was so interested to see that you compete in triathlons! I come from a long long of triathletes, my dad is a five time Ironman and his girlfriend has competed at Kona seven times. So many adults, especially around here, are triathletes but its rare to find young people who are interested! I only participate in sprint lengths but would love to work up to at least a half. It’s so fun getting to be outdoors and train, I’m sure you know!

    1. Training for and racing triathlons is actually the reason I came to Colorado. Back home, I was the only one of friends and the only one in my high school who competed in triathlons. The triathlon team at CU has been a great opportunity for me, being able meet and train with triathletes my age and having them share my love of endurance sports. If your interested in triathlon, you should definitely check out the CU Triathlon website and come to some practices to meet the team!

  2. Hi Cole! I think it is awesome that you spent part of your Summer at Pearl Harbor that must have been such a cool experience. I have a lot of family that has served in the military so I have extreme respect for what you are doing. My cousin is starting his senior year at Anapolis and he did something very similar to what you experienced! He definitely agrees with you about the submarines. Thank you for serving our country and I wish you luck in your journey through the navy.

  3. Hey Cole,
    I grew up in sight of the Naval Academy in Annapolis and when I was a kid I thought about going there. My family sponsored many midshipmen over the years. Some are in the seals, one was flying F18s over Afghanistan last I heard, and I just saw another this summer when he was given leave after two months submerged on a sub. They all love what they do and I’m sure you will as well.

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