My Name Is Also Carissa

IMG_1744Recognizable me: Hi everyone, my name is Carissa Kintzle and it looks like I am the second Carissa in this class. If it helps distinguish the two of us, my friends sometimes  call me Car or Ris.  I transferred to the University of Colorado the spring semester of my sophomore year from Texas Christian University. I am much happier being a CU buff than a TCU horned frog even though the football isn’t as great here.  I have lived in Colorado since I was eleven years old and have been in love with it since.  I have lived in four different states besides Colorado, I even lived in Dallas, Texas before I even attended TCU.  Luckily, my parents never made me move at a crucial age to where I would become a drama queen about the whole ordeal.  However, even though I was young I was still able to retain solid memories of Texas, Missouri, Minnesota, and Florida.  Bouncing back North and South has really helped me appreciate the differences across the country.  Although I love Colorado, I would love to live in multiple states to continue experiencing the differences across America and maybe one day live across seas in another country.

Where I’m at: After finishing up several classes from the summer, I am happy to finally say that I will be graduating this upcoming Spring of 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in math. With being a senior, I’ve tried to mentally prepare myself for next year with making myself very busy with both school and work.  I babysit a few times a week for the cutest four year old girl and engage in my creative side with play-doh sculpting. I also work as a personal assistant helping keep track of business expenses, rental properties, travel plans, and house hold duties. To bring out my more trendy side, I also am an Anthropologie sale’s associate.  Being busy really helps me keep my life more structured.  As much fun as I have with those three I do plan on pursuing a different career as an actuary.  People always ask me what I plan on doing with a math degree when I graduate, thinking that I just wanted to get lost in numbers for fun. To everyone’s surprise, I actually do have a plan! I’m taking my first exam to be an actuary in January and my second one sometime in the spring.  Wish me luck!

What I want: Since I am a senior, I am going to be applying for jobs just around the corner.  I want to not only be able to portray myself as marketable and noteworthy to companies but I also want to be able to prove that marketability and noteworthiness in my writing for the company.  As a math major, the large majority of my focused studies have not had any significant writing portion.  By taking this class, I hope to improve my skills and make up for what has been lacking in solving integrals, proofs, differentials, and statistics.

Where to find me: If I’m not working, in class, or studying I can be found hanging around my friends hiking Mount Sanitas, painting water color pictures, reading a book, or knitting while watching Netflix (specifically Shameless).   There is no chance of finding my roommates and I obnoxiously playing music and dancing with no skill through our living room window.  Absolutely no chance, that never EVER happens (our favorite song currently is “Thief” by Ookay). However, if by chance I cannot be found doing one of those then I am most likely fifteen minutes away from Boulder, visiting my family and doing my laundry in Broomfield.


15 thoughts on “My Name Is Also Carissa

  1. Hi!
    That is so awesome that you have been so many places! I just recently did a road trip across country, seeing all the different types of people in each state was the coolest experience. Also, the fact you are majoring in math and have made it this far is amazing to me, I have never been good at math. Your life sounds so busy, but I agree 110% that keeping a busy schedule really does help keep a more structured and organized life schedule! My dad lives in Boulder so I completely understand the laundry thing and how nice it is to get away from Boulder to spend time with your family. Do you know where you want to live after you graduate? Have you been to red rocks yet? since you like music so much!

    1. I love road trips! Well, as long as I am travel with the right people I like them. What cities did you go to when you were driving cross country?
      Making it this far as a math major surprises me to as well. It has definitely had its ups and downs. Sometimes I start to think that I was a little too in over my head when declaring my major.
      I’m happy to hear that you also find that keeping busy schedule helps structure and organize your life! My two roommates always nag me on how I’m not going to be able to manage my schedule with school and working multiple jobs. I’m guessing they just don’t need something to force them to be organized like I do.
      Originally I felt kind of indifferent about living close to home since a big reason why I initially went out of state for college was to make myself more independent. However, I find myself more independent living close to home disregarding my laundry situation. It’s so nice to be able to get away from the college bubble and see your family at no inconvenience to traveling far. I’m sure you feel the same way about your dad living in Boulder as well!
      Ideally for the first year or two post-graduation I would like to stay in Colorado, but I am open to jumping on opportunities out of state. I am excited to see where I will end up next year!
      Yes, I have been to red rocks! Have you been yet? I think it is a such a great atmosphere. There is nothing like listening to your favorite music live in one of the most scenic venues.

  2. Hey Carissa,

    From the five states you have lived in so far, has there been a favorite? You also mentioned you would enjoy living in another country eventually, is there one that you have in mind already? I also grew up in Florida, I moved to Miami when I was 10 and came to Boulder from there, what part of Florida did you used to live in?

    1. Colorado and Minnesota are definitely my favorite and for similar reasons too. Minnesota is so lush with trees and has so many lakes that in the summer it is so pretty and green and there are so many things to do. When I lived there I was always out on the lake or the Mississippi River boating with my friends and family. Even though Minnesota also has a reputation for being extremely cold in the winter, there is also a lot to do then too. I actually first learned to ski when I was living in Minnesota and that is something that has stayed with me especially with living in Colorado. Both states have so many fun outdoor activities and that is why they are my favorite. However, I am also a little biased because I lived in each of those states the longest. Maybe if I lived in Florida longer it would be one of my favorite places as well. I lived in Tampa, Florida and I have never been down to Miami but it is on my list! It seems like such a fun city, what a cool place to grow up in! I would love being able to live in a place where I could always be tan.

  3. Hi Carissa!
    I was so interested in reading your post because of all the states you have lived in. Is Colorado your favorite? I myself have jumped around a bit but all in the north, I imagine heading down south would be very different. I’ve traveled to most of the states in our country but I feel you never really experience a place until you live in it. It must be great having so many perspectives!

  4. Hey Carissa,
    All your travels seem very interesting. I have lived in multiple states as well (WA,UT,NJ,PA,OH) but Colorado is my favorite. After living in so many different places, is there any place in particular that you enjoy the most? Which parts of the country would you like to visit in the future?

    I also babysit but for my 8-year-old sister in Denver. Be patient with the Buffs football team, they’re getting much better! I think we’ll make it to a bowl game this year. Congratulations on finishing up your degree.

  5. Literally, reading your post was so funny because if there were ever a mountain to climb on my off days it would one-hundred percent be Sanitas. That hike kicks some serious butt; it’s actually the only hike I’ve been on that I wanted to give up since I thought it went on for forever! AND just to be even more entertained by this post, MY favorite song right now is “Theif” (even though people make fun of me since it’s several months old) and I’m pretty sure I go home in Centennial and do my laundry at my parents house than I ever have at my own. You mentioned that you wanted to try out different states in the United States in order to get a vibe almost of where you belong- have you ever tried big cities? Or are you more of a suburban or small town sort of girl?

  6. Hey! I’m curious why you transferred from TCU! I actually transferred to Boulder too. I transferred after my freshmen year from University of San Diego. I wonder if we transferred for some of the same reasons! For me, USD was way too small and it felt a little too much like a commuter school. Seeing my friends at big schools going to football games and having that whole experience made me regret my decision right away. I ended up staying for the whole year and made the most of it, but I could not be happier that I’m at Boulder now!

  7. It sounds like you’ve been able to see a large part of the country! I’ll bet that you’ve got some great experiences having lived in so many different regions, the Midwest, the South, and now the Mountains. Being busy definitely helps me keep structure in my life too. I create structure in my life through specific goals I have and through working on projects. Without that self-imposed structure, I’m basically worthless and get nothing done.

  8. Hey Carissa,

    You are so lucky that you got to experience living in so many different places since a young age. I think there’s often a misunderstanding when people say moving often is bad for the children. I believe that traveling young teaches a child to remain open-minded and keep on a free spirit from a young age. Thank you for attaching the link to I actually had no idea what an actuary was until today. Having a passion for the numbers, I find the job very interesting! Lastly, I want to applaud you for openly admitting living a not so party-crazed lifestyle in Boulder. I need more friends like you!


  9. Hi Carissa!

    I think that it is awesome that you have had the opportunity to live in so many different places already. I believe that moving around is key to better understanding our surroundings and really appreciating where we are at currently. I have family in just about all the states you have mentioned but I have only had the opportunity to visit Missouri ( I loved it there). ALSO shameless is hands down my favorite show and has been since it came out! Beyond stoked for the season 7 premiere in October! I think it is great that you keep yourself busy and know what you want to do in the future! You go girl.


  10. Hi Carissa!

    I have a bunch of friends that go to TCU and love it. However, every time they come to visit me in Boulder they always talk about how they wish they went here. I am so jealous that you work at Anthro, I absolutely love that store! My roommates and I have basically turned our apartment into a mini Anthro. Which one do you work at? Congrats on going into your senior year! Hope you have a great year!

  11. Hey Carissa!
    In addition to my friends also calling me “Riss” we actually have a lot more in common than just our names! I transferred to CU also and I’ve lived in several different states, Texas included. Like you, keeping busy is the most important way for me to keep structure in my life. I’m sure it is really exciting and nerve-racking knowing that graduation is right around the corner.

  12. Hi Carissa,
    It’s cool to see that you have lived in all these different states! I have tried to live mainly on the East Coast (New York), but my plans fell through. It must be pretty cool that you are finally done with four years of college. What are your plans after graduation? I agree that keeping busy is an important thing in my life as well. It’s cool to see that other people also think the same. It’s also really cool how you actually enjoy hiking. Most people i’ve met so far don’t really enjoy the outdoors. Cheers, hope graduation goes well!

  13. Carissa,
    Good call on coming here. Welcome to the best state there ever was! I have never been to Texas so I cant say much. I have a friend who goes to TCU her name is Malia Buthe… I dont know if you know her but its worth the shot. I bet its relief to graduate soon. I personally wish I was a senior this year. Where do you see yourself 20 years from now? Do you desire a huge career that has you traveling the world or a family and two dogs haha? I look forward to reading your posts and getting to know you. I hope you look back on your decision to move here one day and realize it shaped your life for the better, no matter where you end up.


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