Recognizable me!


Hi everyone! My name is Alejandra Saba. I was born and raised in Cali, Colombia and have lived in Colorado 5 years now.  Cali is known as the “salsa capital” in many songs and the climate is always 85 and above.  As you may all be guessing, Spanish is my first language and I learned English in school. Before coming to Colorado I lived in Brazil for a little while and then in Uruguay. I have traveled to twelve different countries and will one day move to Italy. I live in Westminster with my partner, our eight month old son named Daniel and a 9 year old sheepdog named Mechas (means dreads in Spanish)

Almost every day I am in Boulder and some days in Longmont. I am an undergraduate Psychology major and this is my second/third year. When I’m not at school I am the program Coordinator for the Community Learning and Empowerment tram at Workforce Boulder County (yes, I am way older than most of you 🙂 born in 1984). I really love what I do; being able to support people in changing behaviors and defining their life pathways definitely puts a smile on my face. As part of the services we provide to the community there are financial literacy, homeownership and career workshops. They are all designed for adult students and have a component of values based decision making that helps change or modify behaviors.

I first signed up for this class thinking I could improve my writing in English and was pleasantly surprised to see how it’s way more than a regular writing class. I really want to learn how to use all these platforms, improve my writing and apply some of this knowledge to the work I do every day and to the trainings my team provides. I love all the options that are offered and so far have had a blast with all the audio and video lectures as well as the cool pinterest one pagers that have so many helpful tips and tricks. I am a little worried about my technology skills (first time ever writing in a blog) but I’m sure with all the tutorials and the info that’s out there I can overcome any issues.

I am just starting to rebuild my linked in profile since I made a drastic career change when switching from tradeshow coordinator to working for the government. On my spare time I like decorating cakes and have stated my webpage, facebook page and working on the portfolio so that I can post more pictures of what I do. Regarding favorite books, I have to say that my new favorite book is Rising Strong from Brene Brown and will be going to her talk in November 🙂

One of my favorite things in life is traveling. I have to admit even though I’m not a big fan of airports, nothing can compare to the feeling of arriving to a new city or a new country and walking out those doors into the unknown. Out of the places I have visited, the one that I think my heart belongs to is Florence in Italy. This magical city has the perfect mix of big city and small town which makes you feel welcomed and marveled at the same time. (See photo below) If you ever have the opportunity to visit Italy make some room to visit this beautiful town. When I’m not planning my next adventure I also enjoy some hiking, paddle boarding, yoga and of course some good salsa dancing.1004637_10151576738271094_655415889_n

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog, I hope I get to know more about all of you!



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