Investing for Dummies

I use Fidelity almost every single day to monitor my stock positions, and to keep tabs on the market as a whole.  I have been using Fidelity for about seven years now, and I don’t have plans on changing anytime soon.  The information I receive is always accurate.  It is also very easy to use wether you are a novice or experienced investor.  They supply enough information that investors can make informed decisions, but they do not overwhelm people with irrelevant information.  The only minor downside to Fidelity is their $14 transaction fee, which is higher than most other brokerage websites.  However, this is a worthwhile tradeoff considering all of the other benefits provided by Fidelity.

Casting the Net

The tool I use most often on Fidelity’s website is there News & Insights section.  I use this part of their website in order to stay up to date on developments in the markets and potential stock opportunities.  The document design of this section is incredibly helpful.  It offers subsections such as US Markets, Investing Ideas, and International Markets, which allows specialized investors to find relevant information much easier.  They not only provide the name of each article, but designate a category for each article so readers know what they’re going to get before they click on an article.Upward-Graph-Lafayette-CA-Real-Estate-Market.png

Throughout my experience the individual articles have excellent rhetorical awareness.  For example, if someone clicks on an article in the “Investing Ideas” sections the receive a much different experience from that of an article in the “US Markets” section.  Articles in the investing section are often more long-term.  They look at a variety of market securities that one might want to include in their portfolio.  This section is designed for individuals who want to maximize their wealth overtime, and diversifying one’s portfolio is key to accomplishing that.  The “US Markets’ section is geared much more towards day-traders and short-term investors.  It highlights mainly stocks as most other assets are not as relevant in the short-term.   They also provide an analysis of the most volatile stocks because that is the information day traders are looking for.

Customize Your Search

Another powerful tool that I use less often, but is even more helpful is the stock research center.  The stock research center is obviously intended for investors interested in stocks.  There is very little text on these pages.  Any text that does exist is too the point, and based on quantitative information.  If I’m looking for stocks I want facts, not speculation.  I can find plenty of ways to speculate on my own.

The stock center is very user centered.  It gives investors the ability to research stocks in almost any way imaginable.  The website interface is easy to navigate, and allows users too find information regardless of their skill or strategy.  They have the ability to search individual industries, companies in different stages of their life-cycle, market movers, or a variety of other categories.  The stock research center also contains my favorite aspect of the site, which allows individuals to get exactly what they want out of Fidelity.

Finding a Needle in  Haystack

The final tool I would like to highlight is the “Stock Screener“.  This is technically part of the stock research center, but is such a powerful tool that it deserves its own section.  The stock screener allows individuals to find stocks based off specific criteria.  The screener is useful for both novice and experienced investors.  You have the option of using predefined criteria determined by experts.  This allows novice investors to see stocks based on an overall strategy such as growth, value, income, or low risk.  Experienced investors have the ability apply specific filters that get them the exact stocks that they want.  This tool applies to multiple audiences, but does a great job of serving them both equally.


4 thoughts on “Investing for Dummies

  1. Hey Jack, This was a really cool post. I didnt even know that you could use Fidelity to get news and information. I knew it was about stocks and I figured it had news about the stocks but I had no idea that you could get more than that from the site. I also think its really cool how you said theres a customized search option. This makes me want to use it because often times when Im looking for something specific its very hard to find. I think by using Fidelity this could be fixed. I also like how its focused around stocks which is something I want to get into o Im definitely going to look into it. Great post!

  2. Hi Jack,
    I really appreciated your post. I didn’t know a thing about Fidelty. As a business major I am embarrassed to say that I am terrible at tracking stocks. I am impressed that the site seems to give the perfect amount of information, as I often feel that when researching things websites either give barely any information, or the posts go on and on and by the end I find myself confused by what the topic even was. I think stocks and business news in general is important information for even the general public to keep up with, so I’m excited to check out this site.

  3. Jack,

    As someone who is constantly looking for market updates with a wide variety of sources, this intrigued me. The information you can receive from fidelity is extremely useful. As a publication (which many people don’t know about) you can get a great feeling for the market with their analytical tools. Having multiple sources of information for this type of thing is very important, but having that one that gives you the easiest, most trade worthy advice is key when things move quickly. Thanks for sharing, and I will look into fidelity more than I have in the past. Another one I use is if you haven’t seen it already.


  4. Scott,

    I’ve used ScottTrade in the past, mostly because of their low transaction fee. I can definitely see how all of that information would be incredibly useful and worth the extra money for each transaction fee. The Stock Research Center, for example, sounds like it would be worth its weight in gold, especially since its well laid out and easy to use. Easy access to market and industry news would definitely help to speed up decisions.

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