Working with User-Centered Design

My form of news: As embarrassing as it is for me to admit, I get a lot of my “news” from People Magazine. Depending on where I am or what I am doing, the way I access the magazine changes. Most of the time I catch up on my world or celebrity news on the Snapchat app where a few People articles are posted for short reads. Other times if I am feeling bored, I wil read the articles online where I have the most variety and choice. Lastly, if I am traveling on a plane or a long road trip I will buy the magazine at a store to read.

A magazine for everyone: I enjoy reading People because it is a nice mix of celebrity gossip, global news that is in the hidelines, and even crime stories occasionally. I believe People offers such an arrray of information to keep the reader entertained and not bored of one particular subject. I also think the magazine appeals to many different types of people. I began reading it when I was probably 12 and have continued being an avid fan since then. My mom and grandmother love it, and I will even find my old brother reading it from time to time. It is a magazine for all ages and types of people.

Everyone’s secret guilty pleasure: People uses catchy headings to articles to grab peoples attention and makes them want more, even if the topic is kind of frivolous. Some of these can include “Is a hotdog a sanwich? Celebrities weigh in” or “Want to know what Khloe Kardashian eats on her cheat day?” Readers do not go to the website in search of information like this but find themselves secretly interested and clicking on the links. The magazine has a way of tapping into people’s guilty pleasures.

Quick entertainment: The magazine also uses bright colors and descriptive pictures to lure viewers into their stories. These images make readers feel as though they have to read what is jumping out at them. I do not believe readers go into the website with a specfic expectation or goal. The only thing I can think is people know that if there is a hot celebrity story out there People is going to have it. But for me at least, when I go to read the magazine I am just looking to entertain myself for a little bit, there is nothing particular in mind that I go to the website for. donald-trump-d-435.jpg

An easy read: The actual content of the article is not amazingly well written. Rather it is written in a clear manner where no matter the age or reading level of the reader, it is always very easy to understand and follow. I find a lot of times, the answer to what ever the headline was is not usually answered until towards the middle of the article. I believe writers use this tactic to keep the reader hooked so they continue reading and not just turn the page or click on another article once they have their answer.

Reliable or not…I also find that almost every article published by the magazine is highly persuasive. When they have a juicy story to share, they give their side of the story whether the facts are actually correct or not. I believe that People is a lot more realiable than other competing gossip magazines like “US” or InTouch” because it is not soley celebrity gossip, but they still do have an opinion hidden in their articles that they are trying to push on to their readers. That being said, I am aware of the bias out there but I still will turn to this magazine/website for my celebrity and world news!



One thought on “Working with User-Centered Design

  1. Hey Alex, I liked this post a lot. I think that a lot of people get their news through People magazine and I think its cool that you can get in a form other than TV and Internet. I would agree that its a magazine for everyone because of how there is a mix of serious news as well as playful stories and gossip. People may not take it very seriously but for those just looking to keep up with times, People Magazine is perfect. It does lure people in by the way it screams at you to buy it when standing in line at the store and I think this is very effective. Overall great post!

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