Bleacher Report

One of the websites that I visit the most is called Bleacher Report. This is a sports website that covers every aspect of athletics from Football to Soccer and everything in between. I originally started visiting Bleacher Report in high school when my friend introduced me to their great content, and I am so happy that he did. Since then I have been a constant user of the website, and highly suggest it to anyone that is even just slightly interested in sports.

I think the designers of this website have done a great job with its construction for multiple reasons. For example, it is extremely easy to locate the content you are trying to find. If you want to find articles related to a specific sports team you simply click on the sport at the top of the page, than click on the league the team is a part of, and than select your desired team. It is that easy. I also really like how every sport has a very wide variety of topics. I, for example, am a huge soccer fan and I can always check bleacher report to find out everything form injuries to predictions, to analysis and much more.

Bleacher Report also does a great job of keeping their website clean, user friendly, and easy to use. One of the biggest turn offs for me when it comes to websites is difficulty to use. Bleacher Report has made sure that every aspect of their website is as simple as possible to navigate. Every sport is clearly listed at the header of the page, and when clicked on, their subtitles are straightforward and easy to understand. There is never any confusion over how to reach your desired content.


Another cool aspect of Bleacher Reports website is that many writers write from a personal viewpoint rather than a statistical viewpoint. This gives readers a real insight into what actual people think about certain topics. For example fans of certain teams have the opportunity to write about their opinions on specific aspects of that teams performances, players, and much more. Getting insight into how the fans feel about certain topics is a refreshing change in comparison to the standard statistical analysis that is most common on other sports websites such as ESPN.

On top of all the great features I have already mentioned, Bleacher Report also does a fantastic job of offering other categories on their home page such as “Trending Articles”, Live game updates and blogs from multiple sources. These unique aspects are what truly set Bleacher Report apart from their competitors and make them one of a kind. The people behind Bleacher Report clearly understand who their target audience is, and what they want to see, which allows them to provide unbeatable content. This understanding of their target audience makes them also feel like a more genuine website with more honest articles and opinions. Overall, I would definitely recommend Bleacher Report to everyone and anyone. Like I said their content is unbeatable, their website is extremely easy to navigate, and their layout is tremendously appealing to their target audience.


One thought on “Bleacher Report

  1. Hey Josh,
    I decided to write my blog post on ESPN, however I do use bleacher report as well. Although both websites have the same goal in mind, I believe that they go about it in very different ways. One thing I like about bleacher report is that the individual feeds for teams often features local authors and beat writers. Furthermore, bleacher report gives you the option to select what news sources and teams you want to see which gives it a very personal feel.

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