Daily Dose of Cynicism

THE ONION: One of my favorite websites to procure my daily news from is The Onion. I can really appreciate all aspects of this website’s layout and the way their writers convey the information to the reader. Whether it’s Political news, sports news or even news in science and technology, The Onion delivers great information from the satirical forefront.

I spend most of my time perusing the political section. The Onion writers really work hard to keep the news they post lighthearted and easy to read, unlike many political news outlets that tend to produce bland, wordy articles that can be difficult to get through. Each article clearly highlights the topic and gives the information that the reader wants to read.

THE APPEAL: While The Onion is a satirical news source, it does bring to light many of the topics discussed on more popular, less satirical sources. I find myself turning to The Onion, after watching television news or listening to NPR, to try and find the humor in an otherwise dim world of news we live in today. I think that is The Onion’s intent, to provide lighthearted, comical insight to the harsh reality of life. They are extraordinary at doing this as well.

What The Onion sometimes does is create article titles that seem legitimate at first glance. But as you go on to read the articles, you soon discover certain “facts” that cannot possibly be true. Occasionally, however, you will find yourself questioning the articles authenticity. Because of how crazy politics have been lately regarding certain politicians, some of the articles aren’t so far fetched.

FOR INSTANCE: An article I came across today titled “Who is Gary Johnson” and to most this would appear to be a legit article. Gary Johnson is the presidential candidate currently in 3rd place yet “about two-thirds of the adult population could not pick him out of a crowd.” Of course The Onion article is not true and if you were to read it you would go on to realize that what they say about Gov. Johnson could not possibly be true. But, the point is, two-thirds of adult America wouldn’t really know if the article were true or false because they are ill informed. I think The Onion’s writers recognize how misinformed America is and they capitalize on it.


The Onion appeals to the cynics of the world, the people who find hilarity in the current downward spiral of humanity. The Onion’s writers bring humor where there usually isn’t and that’s what draws me to their articles.




8 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Cynicism

  1. I am SO glad someone chose to write about this site. I love the Onion and all of the pieces published on it. It provides the perfect punch of hilarity and sarcasm that one needs when talking about extremely frustrating or annoying topics. They certainly do a great job in addressing audience and with a very specific tone.

  2. Justin,
    I’m literally obsessed with the Onion. They crack me up every single time I come across their articles. You’re so right when you say that the titles seem so legit. I’ll Google a current event, and sometimes click on the first article I see without looking at the site. Less than halfway through the article I can easily tell it’s the Onion, but it’s always good to laugh at how oblivious America can be sometimes and the events that we obsess over. Great post!

  3. Justin,

    The Onion seems to be able to put things into perspective when no one else can. Even as a satirical publication, the ability to make you laugh, and understand different features in the news is pretty incredible. The way it caters to those that are looking for a bit extra when they see political banter or world news, it is a great outlet. The best part about The Onion is its ability to fool you into thinking it’s real at just the headline. It makes you realize how sensationalized most other media outlets make their headlines, as it pokes fun at their ability to draw you in. Definitely a quality publication.

  4. I love the Onion and everything that is posted on the site. I think it’s such a great site for providing a sarcastic and humorous approach to sometimes touchy and political topics. I think the best part about this site is how people think it’s super credible. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been in a class where we have to bring in an interesting news article and someone will bring one in from the onion and have no idea that it is the website it is.

    1. I cannot believe you’ve had the pleasure of witnessing someone present the onion as a credible source in class. I don’t think I would be able to hold it together if this happened in a class of mine.

  5. Justin,

    Man, the Onion is great. The authors to great work at exposing how ill-informed people are in a humorous way. I think the way they so successfully utilize user-centered design is due to their knowledge that their audience craves the humor they put out. The Onion produces consistent content that their readers desire.

    1. I can’t say the Onion has ever disappointed me. Except maybe when I don’t realize it’s an onion article before clicking and end up getting trolled by their misleading title.
      By the way, are you going to be at Twiddle on Saturday?

  6. I love the onion, it has does such a great job at presenting the new in a satirical and cynical way. The way in which the onion presents the news to readers make everything more entertaining unlike CNN or Fox News. It kind of reminds me of the HBO show “Last Week Tonight.” If you haven’t watched it I think you definitely should. John Oliver is hilarious.


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