BuzzFeed One of my favorite websites to visit is BuzzFeed, and has been since I started my freshman year of college. Not only do I have I browse the website og-image-trendingon my computer, but I also have the app on my phone so I am easily able to get my news,  my daily dose of comedy,  and a food craving for the rest of the day.  Often I find myself on the bus to class searching through the BuzzFeed’s trending section in which I find both current event articles as well as sources of light-hearted entertainment.

Audience/Appeal BuzzFeed was founded by John Perretti and John S. Johnson III was founded in 2006 with the focus of tracking viral content. Today, it is recognized as a “social news and media company” as well as “the Media Company for the Social Age,” according to it’s slogan.


The company targets its content at the younger generation by integrating modern text slang such as “lol, “omg,” or “wtf” to draw their attention. They also use that slang to categorize their articles, so if someone is in the mood to laugh they immediately can click on “lol,” or they can can click on “cute” to feel heart warmed.  It features itself as a trendy website with new cooking and baking recipes and methods, a variety of personality quizze, atypical video articles, and top news stories.

Design Buzzfeed uses a bold font and core colors such as red, yellow, blue and black to uphold a simplistic set up in which readers are able to easily navigate to their interest while also catching the attention of notable areas such as the yellow circles with text slang in the top right hand corner of the web page.

In the navigation bar, the company features four main categories: News, Videos, Quizzes, and Tasty. In the News section, readers see the top featured stories, top U.S. stories, and top political, businindex.jpgess, LGBTQ, etc.  The Videos section mainly features a variety of video articles such as

recipes like “4 Burgers Around the World” and “Why Your S.O. Cheats,” but uniquely the section also features mini series that are one-of-a-kind to the BuzzFeed like “Broke” and “The Try Guys.” The Quizzes section features comical funny personality quizzes related to various aspects of pop culture. The Tasty section is the sources of the viral food videos on facebook.

Significance Living in a generation that is largely dependent on social media, BuzzFeed makes news appealing by integrating latest trends and by introducing innovative ideas that influence the readers life.




12 thoughts on “BuzzFeed

  1. Hi Carissa,
    Thank you for sharing this post, I myself am obsessed with BuzzFeed as well! As much as I am embarrassed to admit it, the news source has become apart of my daily routine. When I wake up in the morning, after I have viewed all of my friends Snapchat stories from the night before, I find myself always checking the BuzzFeed most recent news update in the small circular icon. No matter what the topic is, I am always entertained!

    1. I think BuzzFeed just offers a great twist on a lot of things that our generations concerns themselves with like what do the smiley faces on snapchat mean or something ridiculous about the Kardashians. For instance when that whole fiasco came out about whether or not that dress was gold and white or blue and black, I was only able to even know what people were talking about in class because of BuzzFeed!

  2. Carissa,

    I think BuzzFeed does an awesome job of attracting its millennial target market. It’s great how they incorporate their news onto social media. BuzzFeed is a great source of information for things as serious as business news, to comedic pop culture. Their information is easy to find and understand because of their categorization of articles. I love seeing BuzzFeed articles shared on Facebook. Thanks for sharing.

    Tyler Fleischer

  3. Carissa,

    I also fell in love when I discovered BuzzFeed. It is so entertaining and I love how it targets a younger generation. It makes it feel much more relevant and applicable to my life. Personally my favorite part of BuzzFeed is all of the different quizzes you can take. I always see links to the quizzes on my Facebook and they are hard to pass up. I like how the quizzes are short, but they always have interesting results.That’s smart that you got the app!

  4. Hi Carrisa! My relationship with Buzzfeed was love at first site. I love all the columns but most importantly the buzzed tasty column where they have all the food videos. As weird as it sounds, I think that food videos are such a big part of social media for our generation. My friends and I are always on Buzzfeed looking at their new food videos. Buzzfeed truly has it all when it comes to websites, I could look through it forever.

  5. Carrisa,
    First thing: I LOVE the tasty videos on BuzzFeed. They are the best and I have used so many recipes from the simple videos they have. When you first go to the front page it is a lot going on… the videos that are playing, the photos all different sizes, the different colors, and the different fonts. Is this a lot for you to first look at too? It is stressful, but also this is how a young adults mind thinks and how complicated their minds really are, so they did a good job at connecting to the younger audience by doing this because we can handle to be patient and navigate it. Also, that was a good idea that they use slang terms (lol,wtf,tf,ttyl) to connect to the exact audience they wanted to connect with. I just got so lost in taking quizzes, and looking at cooking videos… it is an addicting website- always something to see.

  6. Carissa,
    I also have a love for Buzzfeed and their bright, interesting and innovative means of branding. Buzzfeed is a perfect escape to attain information on all sorts of different things, especially the tasty videos and the quizzes. My guilty pleasure is taking all the different quizzes, once you take one it is so hard to stop. I loved you point on why this site is significant, in a generation that is constantly immersed in social media. Buzzfeed definitely stays significant because of their constant new and innovative ideas that always keep the reader entertained and coming back for more!

  7. Hey Carissa,

    Thank you for posting about Buzzfeed. I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t really now what Buzzfeed was before I read this article. I feel like every person our age is always on Buzzfeed, and it seems to be popular with all people regardless of age and gender. My friends would always talk about it, but I always thought it was a bunch of random funny stuff. Your post got me to finally check it out for myself, and now I see myself using it way more often.

  8. Carissa,

    Thank you for posting about Buzzfeed, I always thought it was just an annoying way of finding useless information. I realized there are many different topics when it comes to Buzzfeed. I always see different posts on Facebook about Buzzfeed, as well as different articles which are published by them. It is nice to see a different perspective when it comes to discussing a social media/news outlet. I always use it when I am bored now, because of all the interesting information which is placed on it.


    1. I can more than understand how you would perceive BuzzFeed as source for useless information. They do have a lot articles that are pretty irrelevant or insignificant to what is going on around the world. I would say that it is used largely for entertainment purposes, but that part has also kept me socially up to date to what people I am surrounded by are discussing.

  9. Hey Carissa,
    I’ve never used Buzz Feed as a go-to for information but I know many people do. Whenever someone shares something from Buzz Feed with me it has always been more on the comedic side than someone looking for reliable data to trust. However, you do make a good point that maybe that is truly what we need in this day and age; a rosy, sunny, flashy, and catching way to present the latest and greatest.

  10. Hi Carissa,

    Thanks for sharing your information on Buzzfeed! I have had several random encounters with this website, so it was really interesting to hear about your perspective since you are obviously a regular user. What is your favorite feature about this site? Thanks again for sharing!


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