Morning Newsmap and Coffee


The Morning Newsmap and Coffee

During my freshman year at CU, I took one of the most powerful and engaging classes I have ever taken.  Well, not so much a class but it was a recitation section for one of the first business classes you take as a Leeds student.  One of the biggest components of the class was a once a week discussion about current events that the class found particularly interesting or ones that pertained to aspects of the course.  After struggling to find a reliable source, I was suggested to try, since I have not used any other website to find up to date news.  


Usage of the Site

At first glance of the website, I found it to be extremely cluttered and poorly designed as a whole. However, once I looked further into the functions of the site, it was clear to me that there are many good uses for the site.  To give a brief description, the website puts together all of the biggest and most impactful stories of the day in an interactive “news map”.  The newsmap is divided into subcategories, such as world, sports, business, and technology.  Any user is able to choose which categories they would like to filter through in order to receive the information that they truly desire.  


What I really value in a site like this is the ability to customize.  It remembers your usage patterns and ensures that you are put in a position to be more likely to soak in the information that you really want and should see.  I feel like it is too often that news outlets filter their information to direct you to somewhere you did not necessarily want to be in the first place. With the use of newsmap, the user is given the power to properly navigate through the massive world that is online news in an efficient and user-friendly manner.

User-Centered Design

“The emphasis is on people, rather than technology, although the powers and limits of contemporary machines are considered….to take that next step from today’s limited machines toward more user centered ones”.  The idea of user-centered design is something that is becoming a much larger part of the business world today.  The idea of newsmap, and the way that it is designed, utilizes the technology of today to properly design a news website with the user in mind.  

To get a better sense of this design, I did a bit more research into how topics make it to the main “map”.  From, the website bases what makes it to the front page strictly by popularity.  What you choose to filter through at that point is completely up to the user.  For example, say if you are traveling to a country that you have never visited before and you want to see what the popular stories are, you can simply filter through region and category and you will shortly find the most visited stories of the nation.  Clearly, there are more uses for this website but the simplicity of a tool like this is something that really convinced me to use the site on a daily basis.maramushi-newsmap

Recent Application

Recently for my Weather and Atmosphere class, we were instructed to discuss an article about a recent technological achievement, specifically in the fields of weather and atmosphere. Newsmap gave me the ability to navigate quickly and efficiently to find something worthy to bring to class.  Here is the article that i was able to find through the site.  Whether it is for school or personal, the creators of newsmap have clearly put forward user-centered design.



One thought on “Morning Newsmap and Coffee

  1. Andrew,
    I feel like you rarely see a news site with the ability to let you customize and personalize the way you receive news, though it seems like it is becoming the necessary norm. Probably the coolest part that I thought about your site is the ability to customize the filter to a specific region, which is really helpful when planning a trip. Also, one more thing, I noticed the “.jp” at the end of the News Map url. Is the site Japanese in origin? If so, does that affect the way in which the articles are written?

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