What is it? By simply reading the title of my post, you’ve probably already guessed that the website I am writing about has something to do with both stocks and Twitter. If that’s the case than you are correct! StockTwits is the best of both worlds. It is a place for all investors regardless of knowledge or skill level to come together as a community and share what are called “ideas” with their fellow investors and stock enthusiasts alike. With over 300,000 members, the website is always buzzing with information.

stocktwits_bluepng-09d2b9afd39c226e815be1bf93e2b2daStockTwits was founded as a way to enable and organize “streams” of information around stocks and markets across the web and social media. These streams provide new forms of insight, ideas and information that are used by investors, analysts, media and others as they research their own stocks and manage their personal investments. Ideas consist of links, charts and other important financial data, summarized within 140 character messages. Users, which include analysts, media and investors of all types, as well as the public companies themselves, contribute to the stream. It’s a great place for anyone to learn a great deal of information about today’s modern financial markets.

User-Centered Design: Instead of a traditional news source in which content is created by those individuals who work for the publisher, StockTwits’ content is generated from people just like you and me. You have the freedom to share your thoughts to the community and contribute whatever you would like. Because of this particular nature of the site, StockTwits is designed to promote as many social opportunities as possible. Users can customize their homepage so that they can stay up to date with the stocks that are most important to them. Additionally, users have the opportunity to stay in touch with the people they meet by “following” each other, or by sending private messages.

Like most websites these days, StockTwits also allows for social plugins such as direct connections through major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This makes it easy to incorporate your personal financial communications into your broader social interactions when, and only when, you choose to do so.

Rhetorical Analysis: One of the great features on the site is the “trending” bar shown across the top of the webpage. Here, you can find stocks that for whatever reason, are experiencing high social volume. If you visit a trending stock’s page, you’ll get to see a massive flow of user generated “ideas” about what is going on regarding that stock. By reading people’s ideas, you can generally get a good sense of investor sentiment, for or against a particular stock. This is vital information because investor sentiment is extremely important to the performance of a stock in the markets.

Users can publish posts that are either “bullish” or “bearish,” and give an explanation about why they feel that way. Usually individuals are either mostly one or the other, and because of that, you can acquire a good sense of the current “crowd psychology.” Since the markets are made up of nothing more than many participants, it is always good to know what the general consensus is before taking an investment.

Each individual investor who contributes to the fantastic community that exists on StockTwits is doing it for the same reason. We all are there because it is something that we love to do. I always have a great time whenever I am on the website and I am so glad that something like this actually exists! Feel free to check it out if it sounds interesting to you. I promise it’s not boring… we like to have fun while we’re at it!



13 thoughts on “StockTwits

  1. Curran,

    StockTwits seems like valuable source of information of markets. Having user-generated content within, is nearly the best way to create a user-centered design. From a standpoint of the format of the information on StockTwits it seems like it would be a great tool to find the overall feelings in the market. As you and I know, the market creates its ideas of where things should stand by price. The overall feelings in market reflect those pricing changes, and knowing a small but useful consensus of those ideas is a difficult thing to process. Seems like StockTwits makes that process easier. Thanks for sharing.


  2. After interacting with the website it is very clear to me that stocktwits is an excellent platform for communal discussion about trending stocks. My dad is a daytrader and he thinks the website is awesome. Although the website is great for discussion, have you found that the opinions of the people who use it are reliable enough to spur any sort of decision making? It seems that knowing the nature of stocks, there would be a very wide range of opinions. Thanks for sharing!

    – Andrew Doan

  3. Curran,

    Stocktwits seams like a very interesting website with valuable stock information. It’s awesome that it is all user generated content, creating a community of stock market enthusiasts. I’m very intrigued by the fact that it is similar to Twitter with its 140 character limit and the trending stocks bar on top. Clearly this is on purpose, and I think it’s a great way to familiarize the website with its users experiences. Thanks for sharing.

    Tyler Fleischer

  4. Curran,

    I had never heard of this website before, but I’m checking it out right now and it seems like a very valuable tool for investing. I like how when you sign up it gives you an array of options to customize the news you see. I would like to reiterate Andrew’s question: what have you found about the opinions on there? Is there a lot of disagreement? And if so, how do you figure out who’s information and opinions to trust? Anyway, it seems like something I will be using in the future, so thanks again for sharing it.


    1. Hey Jonathan,

      I’m glad I was able to give you insight into one of the tools I use on a daily basis to stay in the loop when it comes to our financial markets. That’s a great question! The way I see it, the markets will always be a debate of opinion. Buyers and sellers both want something different, and getting them to agree is often a difficult task. I wish I could give a better answer than “it depends,” but each stock is so different from the next which makes it difficult. However, in general, I usually get a good “feel” on a particular stock by reading peoples ideas on the stream.
      The information you should follow should be from those people who have established a bit of credibility for themselves and can back up their opinion with valid claims. Otherwise it isn’t worth listening to the people who voice their opinion just because they can. Anyways, enjoy the site and I might see you around!

      – Curran

  5. Hey Curran,

    Thank you for posting this. I am always looking for new ways to get information about the stock market, and I was completely unaware this website existed. It’s always good to hear other people’s ideas. I also like how it is similar to tweeting, which makes everything very up to date. I feel like this is a way to streamline information before traditional news sources even have a chance. I love to meet other people interested in investing.

  6. Hey Jack,

    You’re welcome! It’s good to hear that you are liking the website and exploring around. I also got excited when I first stumbled upon it! I agree with you about the aggregation of people’s ideas. Information is a powerful force when it comes to making an investment decision, especially when it moves so quickly like it does on StockTwits. The sooner you can enter a trade, the higher potential you may have to make a nice profit from it. It’s a great place for research, learning, and having fun while meeting people! Maybe I’ll see you around on the streams!


  7. Curran,
    It is very cool that you are dabbling in stock information. I was very unaware that a website like this even existed. It is always cool to hear about stocks from another person’s views. I find it cool that it is also like twitter, which makes everyone get to the point of what they are trying to say without any extra stuff. It is always nice to see other people who are interested in investing. It is always a good thing to find a website like this, which creates a very good sense of community in the business world.


  8. Curran,
    I really appreciate this post because I can definitely relate to it. I recently started day-trading, and had no idea this site existed. The way you described it makes it sound like it would be perfect for someone like me. I am always looking for new tips and tricks to take advantage of, and will definitely have to make better use of this website. Let me know if you’d ever like to bounce some trading ideas off each other!


  9. Curran,
    I have never heard of Stocktwits before, however after spending just a couple minutes on the site, I am already a fan. Overall, I think the idea of having a user generated site has value. Although some of the information may not be the most correct, you know that the information should be less biased. As you brought up in your post, the trending tool is very cool, and so is the Heatmap function. Thank you for posting this post.

  10. Curran,
    I’ve never heard of StockTwits before but it sounds like a really useful site. Getting information about stocks from all these different sources sounds like a great resource. I think it’s really interesting that posts are limited to 140 characters like on Twitter, I’m sure that helps keep opinions concise and ensures everything posted is really relevant to the stocks being discussed. I’ll definitely have to check it out because it sounds like a great place for me to stay up to date on current stocks and investments!

  11. Hi Curran,

    Thank you for sharing! This website seems extremely interesting! I love that it is all user generated content, I feel like this really makes it a sincere and unbiased website that can definitely provide interesting and beneficial content!

  12. Curran,
    I really enjoyed your article since I am very interested in the stock market, as well as news that relates to stocks and finance. This is really a great site to organize all of the information you are receiving and stay up to date with the current stocks you are following, and staying up to date in the business world.

    Cole Buller

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