The Use User-Centered Design in Fashion Blogging

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 4.36.47 PM.pngFashion Blogs: Fashion blogs have a variety of purpose behind them, ranging from simply wanting to show off a bloggers own personal style to promoting and exploring upcoming fashions trends. Audiences for fashion blogs typically reside in the type of fashion that the blogger uses. If you don’t like their sense of style, why would you continue to follow up with their posts? They also go beyond just style, they can branch out to other categories such as interior design, rather than just solely clothing, or even places they are traveling too throughout their fashion blog. This can open up a shadow audience that might not be particularly interested in their clothing fashion but into other aspect of their blog. I’m definitely one to adore clothing based blogs, but one fashion blog that I especially admire and follow is: Damsel In Dior

Damsel In Dior: I’ve been following the blog Damsel In Dior for quite awhile now. I will normally go to her website 1-2 a week just to see if she’s posted any new blogs or re-read older blog posts for fun. Her website is entertaining in various ways that I would be content scrolling through it for hours. Not only is it a clothing blog, but also touches on interior design, and the bloggers travel and lifestyle. I have a huge obsession over interior design, so that is one main reason why I keep up with this blog so often. I use this blog as a template for upcoming trends along with outfit or interior inspiration. The blogger is also very helpful when it comes to her articles, she’s not just blogging about styles that no one can afford or haute couture trends that no one relates to but rather ideas such as “How to make a $30 dress look like a $300 dress” or “6 ways to wear metallics” while also hinting at rising trends.

The Use of User-Centered Design: Not only is her blog full of great content, but it is also easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. The table of contents is held at the top of the page, and also sectioned by the category of blog, which makes it easy for the audience to click on the type of posts they want to view. Her blog is also pleasing on the eye through the black and white color contrast and simple fonts. What I also find beneficial and different about her blog is that she gives a short brief about each blog so you don’t have to scroll through an infinite amount of pages to find one blog post that you find interesting. It also makes the blog website not seem as overwhelming and full of context. Her sentence fluency is more conversational than most bloggers, which is something I thoroughly enjoy. I don’t want to be preached as while viewing a blog but rather make it seem like she’s conversing with me about upcoming trends by asking a question or having some sort of viewer interaction at the bottom of every blog post. My favorite user-centered design tactic that Damsel In Dior uses is linking photos or items at the bottom of each blog post. When following a fashion blog, the main point it to keep up with trends or see items that you like. This tactic allows for viewers to have the ability to purchase or just simply look at an item by clicking a linked photo. It also eliminates the process of searching for an item that a fashion blogger is talking about, which I find extremely time efficient especially when you’re a student or work and have a limited amount of time to browse through blogs.

Incase you missed the link, be sure to check out her blog to see what I’m talking about:

3 thoughts on “The Use User-Centered Design in Fashion Blogging

  1. Hi Nicole,
    Thank you for sharing this post, I really enjoyed it! I love everything to do with fashion and the industry it self. I have never heard of this blog so I will definitely be checking it out. Have you ever heard of the fashion blog “Gizele a Go-Go?” It seems very similar to “Damsel in Dior” and I think you might like it as well. The blog combines real life stories with look book and different outfit ideas.

  2. Hey Nicole!

    I love finding new fashion blogs! I think it’s interesting how different each one can be. They really are such great ways to keep up with certain trends and also get inspiration and ideas. Because there are so many out there, sometimes it’s hard to find your favorite one. I think it’s really cool that you have been following this specific one for a while now. Her user-friendly aspect is awesome, because I agree how annoying it can be when you find something you love and have to do extra work to buy it (or even find it).

  3. Nicole,
    I am always interested to see new fashion blogs, no matter how alike they are to another, they are always a good source of information and entertainment. I like blogs as opposed to major companies and other resources when it comes to the fashion industry because I think you get a more personal touch. Sometimes other resources seem rigid and purely informational, and I like the idea of blogs for fashion because it makes it much more individualistic. I checked out this one, and it is really interactive as you mentioned with the ability to access the tagged links at the bottom of each page.

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