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A website I frequently visit when in search for news from the Silicon Valley world and beyond is WIRED. The site has articles for people seeking information on various different topics, from business to culture, science to design, and many more. The variety of the subject matter makes it the perfect place to get information relevant to a mass of readers. My favorite aspect of the site is the ease it creates for visitors to the website to narrow the articles by category, and that each link gives a photo preview and a one or two word description of what kind of affair the article will be addressing. It lets the reader get an idea of what they’ll be reading before they commit to actually reading the article.

WIRED’s website identified their audience and has catered to it with expertise. Their target audience is the tech savvy who have an appreciation for design and information. The articles on the website almost always have some kind of audience interwired.jpgaction, from an accompanying video, to photo galleries, they add extra content that brings the article to life. They know that the reader wants information they can share with their friends and colleagues in conversation. For that reason, they keep the articles to the point and full of content that is exciting enough to retain and relay.

They never dumb-down the articles to appeal to wider audiences. Instead they present the articles in a way that has the easy to understand to all audiences in the beginning and as the article progresses they dive in to the more technical aspects. This is especially appealing to me because some of the articles cover content that would normally go way over my head. Now I can be informed on new advances in things like coding that I normally wouldn’t understand because the early parts of the articles are easy to comprehend.

The content variety WIRED displays brings in readers from all different backgrounds. Though most of the content has a technology basis, it covers so many different topics within that. Many of the articles cover new and noteworthy breakthroughs in the tech world and how they affect the every day consumer. For that reason, it applies to such a wired site.pngwide audience since in our world today we are constantly affected by changes in technology. It provides a source for lay people to be informed about these new and noteworthy changes ahead of the curve. In this day and age being the first to be informed is what everyone seeks too, so WIRED is the perfect news source.

Since they started out as a print magazine, WIRED’s articles are designed in a way that stays true to traditional, easy to read magazine articles. The articles have not only informative, but extremely catchy titles that draw in audiences who may not have originally sought out the information being covered. What makes it great is that where a magazine is limited to a certain number of articles that would be found interesting to the largest audience, the website has thousands of constantly updating articles that apply to niche interests as well.

As a whole, WIRED appeals to all. With content that is applicable to every person’s life, it is easy to be drawn to a site with such easily accessible information. The ease they provide when reading about a topic that is completely foreign, allows someone to become well informed about ideas that are otherwise out of reach. Anyone can become an “expert” on a topic after reading an article from WIRED.


4 thoughts on “WIRED Magazine

  1. Hey Carissa,

    Thank you for posting this. I am always looking for new ways to get news and information. I have never heard of WIRED before, and it seems like they are a great source for a variety of information. I really like how the articles don’t stand alone. They include videos and other things as you mentioned, which really gives the articles so more value. It keeps you interested, and gives you a variety of information on the topic.

  2. Hey Carissa,

    I’ve never really noticed it before, but you’re right, Wired articles are very easy to read. I didn’t know that they started out as a print publication, and it makes sense as to why their articles online have a resemblance to what you would find in an actual print copy. I always like to read their articles that are focused on new innovative tech because I find them to be very well written. Plus, I like that the people writing the articles usually put in a little bit of humor for their readers enjoyment. Thanks for sharing this with our class!

    – Curran

  3. Hey Carissa,

    Great post! I have a handful of Wired articles in the past, but I am not someone who is a frequent reader. This post definitely makes me want to start reading it more, though. I have always been intrigued by the layout of the content in the articles. The content creators seem to be very good at drawing the reader in with interesting pictures and well-balanced color schemes. With the nonstop innovations in technology, it seems like this would be a great source of information that more people should take advantage of.


  4. Hey Carissa,
    It is always important to identify and target one’s audience and from what you’ve said they have catered to them well. I think more people are interested in technology than appears and it is excellent to have an outlet that can inform and satisfy the fascination that audiences have for technology. I had not previously visited Wired but this seems like my kind of site to frequent. Thanks for sharing Wired!

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