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I read news articles and information on the Wall Street Journal. com everyday, so I thought this would be a great selection for a website to analyze. This site is mainly about current news and a plethora of different business topics. This site enables users to read about almost any business topic they would like, as well as a few other topics. I am able to find all the news items I wish to know about, and learn about some of the business topics that interest me. When looking at this site I was really able to see the elements of User Centered Design being displayed, and some elements of rhetorical awareness.

Rhetorical Awareness:

The first thing I noticed was that this site incorporates all the elements of rhetorical awareness within their writing. They do this by making sure each article has a proper purpose, audience, stakeholders as well as a relevant context. All of these articles have a purpose, stating what this article wishes to accomplish in the introduction and then accurately describes the subject discussed. I would say the target audience for WSJ is business professionals, and people interested in the many topics of business. The site always makes sure to target this audience properly, but I think many shadow readers end up reading articles here as well. These shadow readers probably come to this site because the site has topics that appeal to everyone, so someone can always come across something they are interested in. The main stakeholders of these articles are decision makers who are going to make a decision based on the information they read. An example of this could be people who analyze stock market data, and use some of the articles on this site to make a decision about what they will do with their money.The last thing the site does to incorporate rhetorical awareness into their writing is by using proper context. They add context into their writing by making their articles easy to access and easy to read so that all of their audience can enjoy their writing.

Other elements of USD:

While looking at the site I noticed how easy it is to navigate, and find the article or subject you wish to read. When you first log in to the site, the document design makes it very easy to get around, through the use of headings and titles to help you navigate. The titles of the articles are very appealing to the audiences, giving them a quick incentive to read the article, by describing the subject in a way that captures their attention. Once you finally make your way into the reading, you will notice the sentences, and paragraphs are designed in a way that anybody could understand what is going on in the article. The site also allows consumers to stay active through the use of participatory design. In each article, readers are able to share through the use of comments. This can help readers express their opinion, and in a small way be able to communicate to the author.

How this site helps me:

Currently I read this site to stay up to date in the business world as well as current new topics. By looking at the user centered design of this site it helped me realize the ways in which this site is so helpful. For me these reasons are its simplicity, writing consistency, and the fact that it is  so easy to navigate. Because of these elements of user centered design this site has ensured that it can target as many consumers as possible and in the most efficient way.




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Im currently a junior at the Leeds school of business, studying finance and real estate. I live in Boulder, and I love staying active by doing any type of physical activity or just hanging out with friends.

One thought on “WSJ- The Wall Street Journal

  1. Hey Cole,

    I think The Wall Street Journal is a site that perfectly exemplifies rhetorical awareness. The people who work for The Wall Street Journal are well aware of who their audience is, and do a great job at satisfying that audience’s needs. The WSJ takes a no frills approach, which I believe works well for their target audience.

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