Understanding Graphic Design

My go to shop: As I have mentioned multiple times before in this class, I love fashion. And because that love is so strong I associate and kind of blame my love for fashion on my love for shopping. One of my favorite wesbites to look for clothing is Free People. The company is a chain that prides itself on selling “bohemian” inspired clothing for adult women. Their website consists of a variety of clothing, shoes and accessories. My favorite things to purchase are by far, any type of clothing, and Free People is able to fuel my addiction.

Get them to look: As Dave Underwood discussed in his videos, the first thing graphic designers are trying to get their audience to do it look. They want to design their graphics within the website to appeal to consumers sense of beauty. In my opinion, Free People does a wonderful job at this. They lay their website out in a very clean but aesthetically pleasing way that makes it easy for the viewers to navigate through what they are looking for but also enjoy the images along the way.

Be different: Free People differentiates themselves from the competiton on being unique. Their indiviudal products and pairings for different outfits that are displayed make people think of style in a different way. When I see a picture for example of a model wearing a turleneck underneith a silk slip paired with high black boots, it makes me want to try this combination and click on the picture. Free People convinces their clients to love to stand out and dress different and I love that about them

Get them to believe: The photos that were chosen to display their clothing consist of beautiful models in perfect poses. The models and clothing for each model were strategically chosen to demonstrate the best possible combinations to make the viewer think they need that outfit. Free People has a way of convincing the buyer they will look as cool as the model does and the clothes will fit just as well if they buy that product. Depending on what product is being highlighted, the models often wear neutral colors elsewhere so that particular product pops out at the consumer.

Sell the image: The brand is unique in other ways as well as compared to other fashion wesbites. On everyone of their products, whether a pair of boots or a sweater, the particular item has an expressive description that makes people want to buy that product. For example, an everyday sweater is descriped as having “relaxed fit for an effortless look.” Instead of just describing the materials and shape of the sweater, they add the words “relaxed” and “effortless” to sell the image. When you look back at the graphic you realize the model apUnknown.jpegpears to be relaxed and her style is effortless, and therefore YOU want that product to appear that way as well.

Get them to understand: An aspect of the company that I also love is the “Free People Me” feature, which is offered below almost every product being sold. This section of the website offers pictures that real customers have uploaded of themselves actually wearing the article of clothing being sold. This helps buyers understand what real people look like wearing the product as oppose to the unrealistic bodies of models. This can also help consumers compare what they might look like in the clothing and if they should actually go through with buying it

Give them alternatives: 
One last feature within the graphic design of the website that helps buyers further understand the product and want to buy it is the “Also bought with” feature. Here, buyers are shown pictures of other articles of clothing that pair well with the particular product you are currently looking at. It gives people an idea of what combinations of clothing will look good together based off of stylist recommendations, which makes the consumer feel as if they have their own personal dresser!


One thought on “Understanding Graphic Design

  1. Hey Alexa, I really liked this blog post. I think its cool how you are really into fashion nd how Free People is your go to sight. I don’t know much about the site but it sounds really cool. Like you said its all about being different. I think that is a huge factor in which people look for. I also think its huge for them to believe in the product. Like you said the models job is to make you believe in the product and from what I have read, Free People is really good at that. Also I really like how you say its all about understanding. If the website makes the customer understand who the company is then its a success. Really good post, keep it up!

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